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If you are into the world of Mini truck and love these Japanese engineering marvels, then you are already on the right track. These vehicles have stood the test of time and guarantee you a big bang for the money. But with about a dozen mini truck models in the market, which one should you […]

If you are an auto expert or at least have been keen on the auto wold, then you must know of the Japanese mini truck vehicles and how good they are. They are designed under ingenious engineering and are capable of handling a lot of work. Unknown to many people, the Japanese mini trucks are […]

Have you always wanted to own a Japanese mini truck and aren’t sure on how to go about it? They are regarded as one of the best in terms of dependability and performance. And there are some perks that appear to make it much better and favorable as compared to standard pick up trucks. The […]

So you’ve come to the decision of buying a mini truck and just wondering where to start? Well, worry not because we’ve got your back. Mini trucks are amazing to say the least, and many industry experts can swear by them. They can fit and be used in many situations that can range from carrying […]

If you have been watching the auto industry for a while then you will realize that there are a certain breed of vehicles that are designed like small trucks and designed with beds that resemble pick up trucks. Chances are that you were staring at a mini truck, otherwise known as Kei trucks locally in […]

Mazda is one of the most popular car brands. Although they are not as popular as Toyota in some parts of the world, they are still one of the best and most dominant vehicles one can get. Their incredible performance, strength and dependability makes them lovable by many vehicle enthusiasts. The car maker manufactures different […]

Mitsubishi is without a doubt one of the best vehicles across the globe. And their reputation is only because they are good at what they do and that is making high performance vehicle that deliver on their promise. The Mitsubishi Minivan and mini truck are good examples of their best selling high performance vehicle models […]

From saloon cars to racing cars and trucks, Subaru is a brand to reckon. The car as a brand is loved across the globe and from the ingenious craftsmanship and engineering, you are guaranteed of good service for a long time. Their vehicles are very reliable and you can always count on them. Among their […]

How much do you know about Japanese mini trucks, otherwise known as Kei trucks? If you have been keen on the Japanese auto industry, then you already know that these Kei trucks have an upwards demand trend across the globe. Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck is a good example of this truck. There are many reasons […]

Anyone who has been around the auto industry and particularly watchful of Japanese autos knows that Suzuki is among the biggest names across the globe. Their wide range of vehicles and models have stood the test of time. Among some of their specialty is the manufacturing of mini trucks. Mini trucks resemble pick up trucks […]