Things To Consider When Buying A Flat Bed Mini Truck

Do you always find yourself in situations that you have to carry abnormally sized loads or those that cant be carried on your normal pick up? If this is something that you have had to deal with more often, then you need to get a more suitable kind of vehicle to help you deal with this. The good things about all that is that there are lots of them that will help you do that. A good option that is worth considering is a flat bed mini truck.


Flat bed mini trucks are similar to any other mini truck, only that they are designed with a bed that is completely flat and nothing on the side. Most of the flat bed mini trucks that you will find in the market come from Japanese automakers and they have stood the test of time which makes them accepted globally. Whichever the terrain that you are in, the Japanese mini trucks will work just perfect. In this guide, we will go through some of the things that you need to look for when you are getting a second hand flat bed mini truck. Whether you are importing it by yourself or having an agent do it for you, then these pointers are crucial in finding the right one.


What To Look For In A Second Hand Flat Bed Mini Truck

Here are crucial things that one needs to keep in mind to ensure that they are getting a good flat bed mini truck.

Reliability Of The Vehicle

you can actually know how reliable a vehicle is by taking some time to learn more about that specific model and how people feel about it. Skimming through the forums and learning a bit about a vehicle will help you learn from the experience of other owners and this can help you make an informed decision and know with certainty if that particular vehicle will work for you. Since there are different models of flat bed mini trucks, it is crucial to know more details about every model and type that is available to you. Some vehicle types are also suitable for some terrains and might not work on others. If you expect to use the vehicle on rugged roads, then you should consider getting a 4X4 vehicle that is meant to handle such terrains.

Mechanical Condition

There is nothing else that better defines the performance that you will get from the vehicle besides the mechanical condition that it has. With the fact that what you are getting is a second hand vehicle and cant have detailed information on how the mini truck was used, you need to dig deep and do your due diligence to ensure that whatever you are getting is up to par and will give you the service and performance that you need.


If you are wondering how you can learn and get more information on the mechanical condition of the mini truck before you buy it, then there are a number of options to consider. One of them is to ask the seller for a video walk-through to make sure that everything is set. You need to ask for a detailed coverage of the vehicle’s inside.

Avoid Scams

The auto industry has lots of scams, specially when it comes to importing a vehicle from another country. As such, you need to make sure that whoever you are dealing with and purchasing from is a company that has a good reputation and known in the industry. This will help you reduce the chances of getting scammed since bait and switch is something that many buyers have had to go through.


Another good way of avoiding these scammers and getting conned when importing a vehicle is to use a trusted agency who will handle everything from the duties to the importation work. This will come in handy especially if you have little experience with importing things from overseas.


If you ask any car expert about the most important things that they look for when buying a second hand vehicle, they will tell you that it is mileage. Mileage is the measure of how far the vehicle has traveled since it was manufactured. It will also be a good indicator to how much the vehicle has been used.

Another angle that the vehicle mileage comes to play is the pricing. Most of the vehicles that have low mileage tends to be more pricier than those with more mileage. This is because they are deemed to be in much better condition and known to offer better performance since they are still newer. Although this isn’t always the case, it is good to keep this in mind when you are buying a second hand vehicle.

Final Word

Unless you are going to Japan to do a manual inspection on the flat bed mini truck that you are getting, you need to have a list of things to check to avoid getting a faulty vehicle. With the above factors in mind, you will be able to get a good vehicle that will give you good service in whatever you need it for. Flat bed mini trucks are among the best when it comes to hauling loads and cargo from one point to another and getting the right one from Japan wont disappoint. They are both affordable and reliable.

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Small Dump Bed Mini Truck Vs Dump Trailer

Are you going through a hard time trying to find the right vehicle to help you to haul cargo from one point to the other? If so, you must have thought of a pick up truck, a dump trailer or a Japanese made dump bed mini truck. One reason why people don’t like pick up truck for use in some tasks is because it doesn’t offer the dumping functionality. This leaves only the dump bed mini trucks and a dump trailer as the most preferred options.

In this guide, we will go through the difference between the smaller Japanese dump bed mi9ni trucks and dump trailers. This will help one decide on which one to buy and easily use for their regular tasks.

How To Decide On The Right Vehicle

Below are some of the things that you should keep in mind when deciding on the vehicle to go for. Whether you should pick a small dump bed mini truck or a dump trailer, all depends with these factors.

Used Or Band New

Perhaps the first thing that you will want to ask yourself before even thinking of anything else is the condition that you need the vehicle to be in. You can decide to go for a brand new option which will be flawless and of the best performance, but also pricier. On the other end of the scale, you can decide to get a second hand vehicle that may have a few flaws but comes at an affordable price. All this will depend on your budget and how much you can compromise. One thing that you have to keep in mind though, is that there are lots of second hand vehicles that still pack a punch even if they have been used before.

Intended Purpose

The big question that you need to be asking yourself is what you will be using the truck for. Are you going to be needing one for your hunting activities and other uses, or is it strictly for carrying specific loads. This will help you decide on whether you need to get a flexible vehicle for the work or one that you can strictly use for one specific purpose. The nature of your area terrain will also affect the performance and how the vehicle works, therefore you need to get a vehicle hat is capable of handling the workload in that environment.

Performance and Reliability

The vehicle you choose is as good as the condition that it is at. Regardless o whether you are choosing a new or second hand vehicle, you have to make sure that it has the ability to perform and give you what you are looking for in a dump truck. Some vehicles might have a very high mileage, but still have high reliability and performance. The horsepower and the body condition of the vehicle are among the things that one needs to be watchful of.

4X4 or 2 Wheel Drive

Something else that will determine the choice of vehicle you opt to go for is whether you are getting a 4X4 or a 2 wheel drive vehicle. Again, this will be dependent on the terrain and situation of the roads where the vehicle will be operating. If it is a steep, rough terrain or one that is muddy or snowy, then you need a vehicle that engaged all the 4 wheels (4X4). However, if it is a flat and non rugged terrain where the roads are good, then you could settle for a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

Which One Should You choose? A Dump Bed Mini Truck OR A Dump Trailer

Small dump bed mini trucks have a good reputation, especially coming from top Japanese car makers. They are among the best options that people opt to get instead of dump trucks and pick up trucks. Deciding on which one to get depends with the above highlighted factors. They work in a similar way, but one needs to look at it from a cost efficient angle. Besides making sure that they are getting the job done, it shouldn’t come at a high cost.

Many people make the wrong choice when choosing a good vehicle or track to work with. The most important thing that one needs to keep in mind and adhere to is the nature of their work and consider what to expect with the vehicle that they choose to get. With the above pointers, all this should be an easy task. Japanese dump bed mini trucks seem to have the upper hand though. They are highly reliable and characterized by high performance and rock solid structures that makes them very durable. you should however be keen on the one that you are getting. This is because any second hand vehicle always have their flaws. Be sure to also work with a trustworthy importing agent that have been in the industry for a long time. You can consider using Substar to get the best reliable mini trucks and have it imported to your country easily.

Final Word

Whatever you are carrying from one place to the other, one needs to use a vehicle. Among the vehicles that have shown reliability when it comes to this are dump bed mini trucks sourced from Japan, local pick up trucks and dump bed trailers. Whichever you choose will depend on a number of factors, that makes a cost efficient sense. Doing this, you won’t regret on the vehicle that you will end up with since it will have all the qualities that yo expect from it.

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Dump Bed Or Flatbed Mini Trucks? Which One To Choose

If you find yourself needing regular hauling and carrying lots of stuff, then you must have considered getting a second hand mini truck. One of the best places to get that would be shopping and importing it from Japan. If you have been watching the auto industry, you must have heard of the reputation that these imported Japanese mini trucks and vehicles have. Although there are plenty of other options in that you can choose locally, there are plenty of reasons why Japanese second hand mini trucks are becoming the norm. In this guide, we will go through two of the best selling mini truck types and which one you should consider getting.


Below are some of the reasons why choosing Japanese second hand vehicles is a good option than getting your local truck.

They Are Cost Efficient

Cost efficiency is surely something that all of us must consider before even thinking of getting a vehicle. When it comes to balancing cost, performance and what you are getting, you will hardly find a good option than what you are getting with second hand Japanese mini trucks. Besides the normal trucks being costly and consuming a lot of fuel,  they also come at an expensive price tag. Japanese mini trucks might have a lower horse power as compared to pick up trucks and other type of trucks, but this also comes as an added advantage as it uses little fuel, yet can perform heavy duty tasks. Sometimes you don’t need all the power, but just enough to do the regular tasks and this is where these Japanese automotive come in.

They Are Reliable

Reliability is something that you do not want to gamble on when it comes to getting a vehicle. Second hand doesn’t necessarily mean that these vehicles have their performance and quality of service compromised. In fact, many people laud them for their high performance and with some, it is even better than what most trucks offer. If you are looking for a reliable vehicle that you can count on and don’t need to see a mechanic or service more often, then the Japanese mini vans are among the best that you will ever come across.

They Have Been Time Tested

We all want to invest on something that we are certain of. Perhaps one of the most important thing when you are looking for a vehicle is to get one that has a proven track record of performance and quality. Japanese mini trucks are made by some of the leading automakers that have been making the worlds best vehicles sold globally. The automakers making them includes big industry names like Subaru, Suzuki, Shiatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda among others. There is no doubt that these brands have what it takes to come up with high performance and reliable vehicles. So, if you are looking for a good mini truck that gives you what you want, then second hand Japanese trucks are among those that you can count on to deliver.

Dump Bed Mini Trucks Or Flat Bed Mini Trucks

There are several types of mini trucks you can get from Japan; dump bed and flat bed are two of the most popular ones that you can get. So what is the difference between these two types and which one should you consider? First, let’s understand the difference between the two. A dump bed mini truck is designed with a hydraulic system fitted on its bed. This is meant to help in offloading some loads with ease and not having to necessarily remove them manually. This makes offloading loads like sand an easy walk in he park and save more time in the process.


Should you ever find yourself on the spot, wondering which of the two type of trucks you should go for, then below is the straightforward answer on when to choose any of the vehicles.

When To Choose a Dump Bed Mini Truck

There are some instances where a dump bed mini truck will work for you and a flat bed mini truck will not. Although in some instances, both of these type of mini trucks can be used, a dump bed mini truck is specially designed to carry non-fragile load that can be dumped without worrying about damaging them.

If you are also handling some tedious loads that could be better dumped to save time, then a dump bed mini truck would be the ideal choice to go with. Unless customized, most pick up trucks do not offer the dumping functionality, making the Japanese even more suitable.

When To Choose A Flat Bed Mini Truck

flat bed You should opt to use a mini truck when you o not intend to carry any load that can be dumped easily. If the type of load and cargo that you carry is fragile like glassware, you wouldn’t need to use a dump truck, and a flat bed mini truck would work just fine.

If you are also planning on using the mini truck for carrying abnormally large sized loads, then a flat bed mini truck offers more versatile and flexible options that one would find perfect.

Final Word:

The choice you make between getting a dump bed mini truck and a flat bed mini truck a lot depends with your needs and what you regularly intend to use the truck for. With the comprehensive guide above, you should know which one to choose and why Japanese mini trucks are much better than you thought before. With excellent reliability and performance that has been tested, there is nothing not to love in these vehicles.

For the latest and high quality dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks and any other kind of truck and vehicle you would like to import from Japan, check out our listing page. You can also get in touch with us if you need to get a specific vehicle and we will be happy to help you have it imported to your location without going through the hard hassles.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dump Bed Mini Truck

Have you considered importing a second hand dump bed mini truck from Japan? There is a lot that of good things that many people can applaud Japanese vehicles, and a dump bed mini truck is just one of them that are worth getting. They have stood the test of time and have proven to have what it takes to replace normal trucks and dump trucks. If you need something economical and cost efficient that a dump truck, then the answer is to get a second hand Japanese dump bed mini truck. However, not all of them will give you what you expect. Like anything else that you buy, there are those that are flawed and those that pack a punch.


To get the best second hand dump bed mini truck, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Things To Keep In mind When Importing From Japan

Below are some of the things that you need to be extra keen on to make sure that you get the vehicle you expect without getting ripped in the process.

The Quality And Condition Of The Vehicle

The performance of the vehicle that you get will all depend with the quality and condition that the vehicle is in. If you are looking for a vehicle that will give you good service, then everything on it needs to work as they should and its body needs to also be up to par. You need to understand the vehicle’s condition beyond the appearance so as to know if it can give you the service that you expect.


One should check out details from the tires, engines, hydraulics and chassis carefully. And since this is impossible from pictures that you see on the site, you should request a video walk-through of details on the different parts of the vehicle.

Regulation Of Your Country And State

One of the most regrettable things that many people have had to go through when importing second hand vehicles from other countries is getting vehicles that do not comply with their state’s laws and requirements. Every country has its own laws and to avoid issues such as vehicles being impounded or having to incur return costs, one should know the vehicle and importation laws beforehand. Regardless of the country you are in, you shouldn’t ignore or make any assumptions on the vehicle importation requirements. Otherwise, you stand to get shocked in the end.

So, how does one know that the vehicle they are getting is compliant with their country laws? If you cannot find any information, then it is always advisable to consult with an import specialist or use an agency. Although this could cost you some money, it is well worth spending and being sure that the vehicle you are getting will be street legal in your country or state. Almost all of the of the vehicles in our listing are US and UK street legal.

Be Keen On Costs

One of the things that many new importers are always caught up on is the costs and spending that hit them by surprise. There are a lot of steps and points in which the vehicle will be checked in and out. The different handling points means there are some fees and duties to be paid. With the right approach and shipping strategy, there wont be much costs to incur and it is always recommended that you work with the seller of the vehicle. This will ensure that you are getting a good deal and that the vehicle goes through known and trusted channels to avoid damages and other similar cases.

Although not sellers will do this, you need to know and ascertain that the one you work with will help you with the shipment. Sometimes, there are discounts given to sellers which can also help you cut don on some expenses.

Capacity And Strength Of the Vehicle

dump bed mini truck Another thing that you wouldn’t want to gamble on is the capacity that the dump bed mini truck can hold and the horsepower it has. Dump bed mini trucks are made by different manufacturers in Japan and each one will vary on the carrying capacities and strength.  Knowing this will help you determine whether the vehicle will help you do the job that you intend to use it for. Whether you are going to be using in in tough terrains, for hunting or carrying produce, it is crucial knowing these things.

Without getting the right vehicle with the expected capacity, you might not be able to use the vehicle for what you want it to do which will be an investment waste. Be sure to also consider the age of the vehicle and the mileage as it could have an impact on the overall performance.

Final Word

Japanese autos are well known and loved across the globe and getting a second hand Japanese vehicle at an affordable price makes it even better. You have to be extra cautious to get the best deals and best performing ones though. Above are some of the crucial pointers to keep in mind when looking to buy and import a second hand vehicle from Japan. they are crucial for anyone, whether it is your first time importing or for anyone looking for a way to cut down costs and avoid the hassles of importing.

Here at Substar Inc, we’ve been working with thousands of buyers across the globe delivering vehicles that they need. We have a selected list of vehicles ranging from mini trucks to mini vans which one can check and organize to get. We give you a comprehensive walk-through and in-depth details to understand the vehicle in and out before getting it. We are certain that you will love the vehicles and the service that you will get from us. Head over to our listings page and check out some of the second hand Japanese mini trucks and we will help you from buying it to getting it shipped to your country.

Challenges To Expect When Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

If you are like millions of people across the globe who admire Japanese engineering and the incredible performance of their auto machines, then you may want to get yourself one. It is one of the leading automakers and home to dozens of top industry vehicle brands. Whether you are looking for a second hand mini truck, a mini van or any other vehicle, Japan has plenty to offer. However, you have to be extra cautious when shipping or importing your second hand vehicles from Japan. Some of them might not be exactly what you expect and at times, you could go through too much hassles before getting your vehicle delivered. In this guide, we will go through some of the challenges and things to look out for when choosing a second hand vehicle from Japan. This will help you get a good quality vehicle at a good price.

Beware Of Cons

How keen are you when buying a second hand vehicles? Fraudsters are all over and you need to be extra cautious when buying a vehicle overseas. You should also beware of the payment option you choose. If the payment requirements by the seller sounds fishy, then avoid it and consider another option. While it is riskier getting something that has been used, it is also an affordable option. And there are plenty of good ones that will give you good value for your money as compared to getting a new one.

Instances of bait and switch are to be expected in every market and when getting your second hand vehicle from Japan, this is something that you have to be extra cautious about. Not always will you get what you see in photos and sometimes it is very important to ask for a video walk-though of the video to give you better understanding and also learn more on the vehicle performance.

Getting Overcharged For Shipping And Duty

We all love to spend less when buying something. However, when importing a second hand vehicle from Japan, you need to be extra cautious and keen on the pricing and charges that you will incur in the process. Otherwise, you could end up paying a lot of money that could make the whole importation process too expensive and unrealistic.  Some of the things that you should be keen on is the shipping costs which includes transporting the vehicle from the sales point to the ship and the shipment costs.

It is always recommended to use a known courier or work with the seller of the vehicle to get the best deals that will cut down the costs. You should also do a importation expense research before the whole process so that you know what to expect and which tricks you can employ to lower the expenses.

Getting Non-Street Legal Vehicle

Imagine getting a vehicle from across the world, only to find out that you cannot drive it on the road as you expected. Every state have their own laws and regulations on street legal vehicles and as such, you should know what you are getting before hand and whether you will be able to use it for your intended purposes. Age limit on vehicles is the most important and crucial factor used in many states. You should know the age limitation and requirements in your state before you consider importing a vehicle abroad.

One of the things that you should be very keen to look at before even thinking of importing a vehicle are the state’s regulations and the kind of vehicles that are street legal. This will help you avoid spending too much on something that you will not use. Although it isn’t a common thing to find people getting vehicles that they cannot use, it happens sometimes.

What You See Isn’t Necessarily What You Get

Although you cannot test drive a vehicle since it is overseas, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that the vehicle you are getting is exactly what you expect. One needs to understand that a second hand vehicle might have had problems or mechanical damages that are sometimes hard to resolve. You need to request photos and video demonstration of some of the critical parts of the vehicle that you feel necessary. Through this, you will also get to learn more about the engine, gearbox and other things that are hidden under the hood.

One should avoid buying or importing from a company that doesn’t offer such kind of demonstration and proof before buying. You should get all the details that you need clarified and hat is the way you get what you see. One should also avoid companies that have poor reputation or those that are still new. This is simply to avoid fraudulent and being victims of getting a vehicle that isn’t in their expectation. If you do not have experience and don’t know what to look for in a vehicle, then you can simply hire or request an experience mechanic to help you select and analyze a vehicle before you buy it.

Final Word

Importing second hand vehicles from Japan is something that many people do. It is a good alternative to whelp you save tons of investment as compared to getting a new local vehicle. Besides that, you are getting a good quality vehicle with a proven track record and performance. With the guide above, you should be able to avoid some of the most common issues that most importers face and cut down tons of expenses.

Be sure to check out our vehicle listing which includes tons of mini trucks, minivan and many more US street legal vehicles that come at unbeatable prices. We also help our clients get the best shipping options and ensure that they get their vehicle safely in time. Our vehicles have also been well vetted for any inconsistency and performance issues to make sure that our clients are getting what they expect. With Substar, you should expect nothing short of the best service.