Why 4×4 Used Japanese Mini Trucks Are Popular

With the escalating fuel prices and a crazily drifting economy, you’d surely want to drive in a vehicle that blends in perfectly to the economy.

If your business involves moving or transporting loads through a bad road or a snowy one, then you’ll need a hard-bodied and reliable vehicle that does it without problems.

There’s only one truck that has proven to work wonders when it comes to dealing with such; it’s a 4X4 mini truck. Below we will cover some of the reasons why the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks are ideal and quickly becoming a favorite to many people.

Durability Unchallenged

We all love to invest in things that will take us far and serve us for a longer period and your mini truck choice should as well serve you within reasonable longevity. You also won’t like to invest in a vehicle that will start wearing out on its body linings when used. Good enough, most of the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks that you will find in the market are designed to last and serve under harsh conditions.

Also with the fact that these mini trucks are manufactured by some of the world’s biggest car markers you can be guaranteed that durability isn’t a challenge.  The vehicles have gone through ingenious engineering to come up with hard bodied designs that you can always count on. Even the used versions of these mini trucks have shown amazing performances and have

On a side note, you should be careful to make sure that you are getting the mini trucks that are within the law requirement limit. Countries like the United States have restrictions on vehicles beyond a certain period of manufacturing. This is something that you won’t have to worry about if you are importing vehicles with us. All the mini trucks in our inventory are within the required standards.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Who wants a vehicle that will be dragging when fully loaded? Of course that isn’t the mini truck that you are dreaming of. It is thus important to ensure that you are getting a vehicle that has good performance and works to your expectations.

Under good care and regular maintenance these used 4X4 mini trucks have always demonstrated excellent performance and reliability.

Engine capacity, bed size and the body of the mini truck are some of the things that you should look at when you are looking for a vehicle that will serve you for a long time. The good thing is that it is easy to check all these without having to be physically present at the yard.

You should also choose a mini truck with a realistic mileage depending on how you would like it to perform. A low mileage mini truck might come with a higher price tag but it means it has been subjected to lesser work through the years and you can expect it to be stronger.

Easy To Maintain

Something else worth mentioning is the maintenance part of the mini truck. You need to know how cost effective the mini truck you acquire will be as you continue to use it in running your daily errands.

Most mini truck owners that you will come across will tell you something about their mini truck, and one thing that they surely won’t fail to mention is the maintenance part. Apart from being affordable to acquire and having excellent fuel efficiency, you will love the fact that maintaining a mini truck is super easy.

With spare parts that are easily available locally or ready to import, you can rest assured your mini truck will stay maintained without having you to break the bank.

Multipurpose Utility

Most of us have lots of things to take care of and in many cases they will vary from one load to the other. As such, you may need to have a vehicle that offers you options to haul the loads conveniently. Unlike a 2WD mini truck which is limited in reliability, you might need to get something that is better depending on the road condition that you expect to use the vehicle. Getting a 4X4 mini truck should be perfect for such a situation.

If you ask any expert that has been hauling goods for a long time, they won’t fail to mention a mini truck as a solid option for carrying loads around.

With a 4X4 utility vehicle, you can maneuver to any place regardless of the road condition and whatever you are hauling. This makes it a good option for anyone looking to move stuff from a place with bad roads. So you can forget about getting stuck in the mud while carrying produce or other urgently needed goods.

Affordability And Great Value

Perhaps something that all of us are always keen to check out is the price tag of whatever we are getting. Mini trucks come with varied costs depending on many things such as the specifications, mileage among other things. There is however one thing that you should know and this is something that your local car dealer can’t tell you. Importing your own mini truck from Japan is very easy and above all, affordable.

The process may involve some paper work which might become brainy at some point but the whole process is a worthy one.


Used 4X4 mini trucks are not only becoming popular in the United States but also across the globe.

The elemental performance coupled up with its affordability makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a truck to haul different loads without hassles. Whether you need a farm utility vehicle, a construction load hauler or just need something to help you run a smooth courier business, you should give much thought to a 4X4 mini truck from Japan.

Be sure to check out our inventory listing and pick a mini truck for yourself. There are a number of models from different top manufacturers to choose from. We are also ready to help and advise on how to easily ship your mini truck to any part of the world.

How To Choose A Mini Truck To Import

When you feel that all you need to run your daily errands is a mini truck, you have the option to either get it from your local dealer or to import it yourself.

With the fact that the importation option has more merits than getting the mini truck from your local yard, you need to take the necessary steps to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Below are some for the things that you should look at keenly.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Importing Your Mini Truck

These are crucial factors that should be in your check list next time you are looking for a used mini truck;


Among some of the things that will determine the performance of the mini truck that you are going for is the mileage. The price tag will also vary depending on the mileage of the mini truck and the lower the mileage, the higher the price tag. Although the price tag will be higher for a low mileage mini truck, it simply means that it has been subjected to minimal amount of work.

Depending on how you plan to use the mini truck, the mileage is a crucial factor worth keeping in mind.

Bed Capacity

You already know what you want to be using your bed truck so, why not take some time to know if it can do the job? The carrying capacity of the mini truck should be enough to meet your demands and expectations. If you expect to carry varied load volumes with your mini truck, you should consider getting a mini truck with is large enough and gives you no limits to what you can haul.

The carrying capacity and the horse power is also an important factor to determine how much weight the mini truck can haul.

Usability Of The Mini Truck

You need to realize that the truck isn’t just meant to move the loads but to also ease the whole loading and unloading process.

Depending on the terrain and condition of the roads where the mini truck will be used, you will also want to ensure that offloading and loading is easy. On that score, you will decide whether to get a simple dump truck or one which has a Skylift system installed. Such usability features are necessary when you are considering hauling some loads depending on who is using it and what kind of load is being used. Most people who aren’t into specified hauling tasks always consider a dump bed truck with Skylift system, both intact. This gives them options to haul almost every kind of load.

Mechanical Condition

There are many things that you will look into when buying a truck and the mechanical condition of the vehicle is one that can’t be ignored.

A well maintained vehicle will deliver great performance and service all through with very minimal breakdowns if any. You will also have low maintenance which makes it even more important. Be sure to ask for a mechanical report and also do your own due diligence on the engine, gear box and crucial parts of the mini truck such as the chassis.

Inspection Report

Every vehicle in Japan goes under regular inspection to ascertain whether it is roadworthy and that it meets the required law conditions. This is an assurance that importing used mini trucks from Japan is a good idea. To even add on this, we do a thorough inspection to every vehicle in our inventory to ensure that our customers get the best. If that isn’t enough to guarantee you the best mini truck, then nothing else will.

You can always ask for an inspection report at anytime when you are looking to make an inquiry on a particular vehicle in our inventory.

Stay Out of Scams

Scams are everywhere and the process of purchasing to importing a vehicle overseas could turn out to be a chain of nightmares if you are not careful. There are lots of fake online scammers who are out there to lure people into buying vehicles that are either of poor quality or non-existent.

To be safe, ensure that you are dealing with a legit, existing company that has been in the business for a while. If you come across a company that has no reviews then stay away from them.

Getting Your Mini Truck From Substar

Are you worried about importing your mini truck or just don’t have a clue on how the whole process goes? Worry not, as this is our area of expertise and we’ve been doing it for years. When you buy a vehicle from us, we help you through every process to ensure that you get your vehicle without making a big deal out of it.

In our inventory, there are lots of options to choose from. Whether you need mini trucks or minivans (micro vans), there is a whole galore to check from, and we make it easy for you by listing as much information as possible. You can also ask for more specific details as you need and we will be ready to help you with anything including advising you on how to seamlessly import your mini truck or minivan.

Final Word:

Hopefully this guide will help you land on that dream mini truck or van that you have always needed.

Flocked by hundreds of importers across the world, Substar is rapidly becoming a big name in the industry. This is the best place to be for all used Japanese mini trucks and mini vans.

If you are serious and want to get that mini truck that you’ve always yearned for or a used Japanese minivan, then keep an eye on or regularly updated inventory. Go ahead and get in touch with us for more details if needed on a particular vehicle. You can as well let us know if there is a specific truck or micro van so that we can update you once it is available in our inventory. We will stop at nothing to make sure that you get that dream mini truck.