Ho To Buy And Import From Japanese Used Car Exporter

There is no debate: Japan is one of the biggest car exporters in the world and arguably the best option, thanks to major brands hailing from the country. If you hear someone is importing a vehicle, a wild guess is that they are probably getting it from Japan. But why is it so? Apart from being the home of many world renowned car makers, there is also a high supply of cars in the country which surpasses the demand. The rule of the thumb is that when the demand is low and supply is high, the cost swings low. This is the situation, which has also opened up opportunities for people across the globe to acquire used Japanese cars at an affordable cost.

So how does one get hands on a pre-owned Japanese car? In this guide, we will go through the simple steps that one can easily follow and have the car of their dream shipped to them, wherever they are.

Step By Step Process Of Buying And Importing A Japanese Used Car

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind right before you even think of buying or importing the vehicle you want.

Select The Car That You Want

You can’t start importing just any car blindly. So to get started, you should know what kind of a car you want to have. You should weigh in the needs that you would like that particular car to offer you and also know that it is within your budget. If you would like to buy a mini truck to start or boost your construction business needs, then you should also have a budget in mind.

The next step of selecting the car is to head over to an online Japanese used car exporter website where you can pick the one that you need. We also have tons of vehicles in our inventory which you can check out at any time.

Verify The Car Requirements With The Authority

Since every country and state have their own rules as far as transportation and motor vehicles are concerned, you need to make sure that the car you plan on acquiring is usable and within the set rules. Otherwise, I could be costly for nothing and could cost you a lot to cancel the shipment and returns.

 Get An Invoice Of The Vehicle You Want

The next thing you’ll want to do after you have verified that the vehicle is fit for use in your state or country is to inquire and know more about it. This can be easily done simply though the use of online forms available at the website of the Japanese used car exporter. You can also make a phone call if provided and you should expect to be given all the details you need about the vehicle.

Some of the things that you must ask for include the vehicle’s mechanical condition, its history, cost, faults if any among other things. The information should give you clear pictures if the vehicle can perform what you intend to use it for.

Make Your Payment

When it comes to making the payment, there are many ways to do so. Many Japanese used car exporters accept wire transfers while others have other quicker and safer options you can choose from. Here at Substar for example, we accept wire transfer and Paypal payments. We believe that this makes it easy for many people to make convenient and fast payments making the whole processing task easy. You should then get a confirmation of your order. In other instances, especially for inexperienced buyers, it is recommended to use a local import agent who will help you with clearance and many other things.

The Vehicle Is Then Shipped

After the order has been made, the ball is rolled to the exporter’s court and the shipping process should begin. Depending on the agreement made on whether you will have cleared the shipping costs (CIF) and or want to clear them after the shipping has been done (FOB), you should be prepared to receive the vehicle and make the necessary clearance at the port. Among some of the things that you should expect while clearing the vehicle are custom duty charges, tax fees, insurance and other petty clearances.

Registering and Picking The Vehicle

Lastly and the final step before you hit the road with your ride is to have it registered. During registration, you need to have all the importation details and certifications showing how the vehicle was bought and cleared by the import and customs authorities. Depending on the state, there could be some registration fees included which you should clear before being approved. After this, you should organize to get the vehicle plated and then you can start running your errands with it.

Importing Your Vehicle Through Substar Inc

You may be wondering how to find a good Japanese used car exporter. Fact is, we are one of the best that you can count on for quality services and shipping process.

We understand that some people are not familiar with the importation of vehicles, but that should not limit them to getting that vehicle that they have always wanted. We help them with all the shipping process and advise them on the right path to take to avoid more expenses and costs that they may incur. Truth be told, there is no other Japanese exporter who gets their customers that close attention, and our customers love us for that.

Final Word:

Often at times, most people get the notion that importing a car from Japan could take a long process, therefore ignoring the great chance to cut the dealer and save a lot. You need to keep in mind the fact that your local dealer is looking to make a kill out of it while there is actually no difference on the costs and process involved in shipping the vehicle.

If you are serious about getting a used Japanese vehicle either from our listing or need us to help you take advantage of the auctions, we are here to help. You are just a few mouse clicks away and we can help you get that dream vehicle that you have always wanted.

Scissor Lift Dump Bed Mini Trucks And Why You Need One

The use of mini trucks to deliver and carry around loads is gaining traction, especially with the fact that pickup trucks and other utility vehicles are less reliable and way overpriced. Scissor lift dump bed mini trucks among other Kei mini trucks are some for the vehicle that have been widely used in Asia and are now penetrating the international markets. They are loved for their reliability, easy maneuverability and low maintenance costs.

Scissor lift dump bed mini trucks are specially designed with both the lift mechanism as well as dump capabilities in place. It may seem pointless to someone who is new to this especially if one hasn’t come across tasks that need to be lifted and dumped. In this article, we will go through some of the most common reasons, highlighting the reasons why you may find a scissor lift dump bed mini truck to be useful.

Why A Scissor Lift Dumb Bed Mini Truck?

There are many options and alternatives that one can use to haul different goods and loads, but why choose the scissor lift bed dump truck? Here is why:

Multipurpose and All-Terrain utility vehicle – If you are among the many mini truck owners, it is an obvious thin to engage in different tasks that need hauling of different kind of loads. If you are planning to go hunting sometimes and then haul some farm produce on other occasions or do anything else, then this could be the best option that you have with mini trucks.

Also depending on whether it is a 4 wheel drive or a 2 Wheel drive, the mini truck could be used to serve under different places. If you are planning to use your mini truck under some harsh weather condition or bad roads, then it is recommended that you go for a 4 wheel drive. If it’s on a fairly good roads, then one would be good with a 2 Wheel drive mini truck.

Affordable option – Majority of what is readily available in the mini truck world are pre-owned vehicles. This however doesn’t make them any less reliable or economical. In fact, one should see these used Japanese mini trucks as an opportunity to acquire a reliable vehicle at an affordable cost. When it comes to maintaining these mini trucks, you’ll love the fact that they don’t break own every time and when they do, there are always spare parts readily available. Organizing for rare spare parts is also easy and we can help you when it comes to that.

And if you think that’s enough, you will be amazed to learn that these vehicles are also available through auctions. With Japan having one of the busiest auction houses in the world, there is a huge variety of vehicles to choose from including these mini trucks. We have been helping our customers who need to take advantage of options to get their dream car at a bargain. We can do the same for you if you decide to use the auctions alternative.

More than just carrying and Hauling – Adding a complete lift system to a dump bed mini truck is one of the trending things in the mini truck world these days. Sometimes you just need to raise the bed higher to either ease loading or off-loading. Sometimes it is impossible to offload or load some loads by lifting it manually demanding the need for advanced mechanisms. The list hydraulic system fitted in a scissor dump lift dump mini truck however does the job.

Although the installation can be done on an existing mini truck, it could end up being costly if one doesn’t know how to get the best parts for the list hydraulic system. But why not get a mini truck that is already fitted with one?

How To Import A Dump Bed Mini truck

When you are eyeing a mini truck or any other vehicle that is abroad, the next big thing that should be in your mind should be the concern of how to get it. Although most importation and shipping will vary depending on the country that you wish the mini truck to be shipped to, we have dealt with many countries and we are certain that we can help you understand the shipping process.

Here are just some of the most common importation procedures that you can expect.

With most countries, you need to file an “Entry” permit. Here, you will be notifying the authorities that you want to import a vehicle from another country.

The authorities will then inspect to see if the vehicle meets the requirements and then approve it.

After the approval process, the other major thing that you should expect is to purchase and get the vehicle shipped to you. One could choose to use a dealer to help them import the vehicle. This is the most recommended approach if you are still new to the process.

After the dealer imports it for you, you will then need to clear with the customs and tax authorities. You will then go through the registration of the vehicle before getting it on the road.

The importation process isn’t however as difficult as many perceive it to be and on top of that there are many advantages that come with it, other than buying your vehicle from your local dealer. You will save cost and also get to choose from a wide variety of vehicles.


With a huge bed and a carrying capacity capable of carrying almost anything in it’s class, nothing comes close to this dump bed mini truck. Even most utility vehicles don’t make it to rally this mini truck. With limitless uses of a scissor lift dump bed mini truck, anyone who plans on hauling any kind of loads will find it ideal and convenient to get this truck.

And when you are decided and ready to get your mini truck, we are here to help you get the best deal out there and also advise you on the best way to ship to your location. We have been working with customers across the globe and we’ve helped them get the best quality mini trucks. You can also get one by checking out our listings page which is regularly updated.


Japanese Used Car Auction – Should You Consider Buying Vehicles From Auctions?

In Japan, there are reportedly over 80 million cars in use. Considering the fact that there are 61 million people in Japan, it plainly means that every person owns 1 or 2 cars. With the government encouraging its citizens to buy new cars that are more eco-friendly and better performing, most people are left with no option other than to dispose the vehicles through auctions. The Japanese used car auction is growing every single day opening up opportunities for the rest of the world to dive in and get these used cars. You will find almost every kind of car that you have ever thought of, be it a saloon car or a mini truck to use in your ranch, you’ll find them all under these Japanese used car auctions.

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 cars at an auction every day. But how does the whole process go on? In this guide, we will go through some of the most important things to keep in mind before you get started with buying cars from auctions.

What Are The Advantages Of Japanese Used Car Auction?

Here are some of the merits that one gets when they choose to go with an auction option when they are getting a used vehicle from Japan.

It Is An Efficient Method And Also Cost Effective

Bring one the largest auction marketplace on earth, picking a vehicle that you have always needed is easy and can’t be compared to any other auction elsewhere. It is also important to keep in mind that these cars are fully functioning and most of them are faultless – owners are just looking to dispose what they are not using.

Also with Japan’s roads and transport rules, where there are mileage restrictions and no-accident history, getting a pre-owned car from one of these auctions could be an ideal option worth giving a thought. As if that wasn’t enough, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is an auction with thousands of vehicles selling fast. The cost of acquiring these vehicles is way low and although sometimes it depends on the model and the market demand, you still can’t compare it with the retail costs out there. So if you are looking to acquire a vehicle for a reasonable value, then you should keep in mind these Japanese auctions.

Auction Mileage Verification System

Mileage is a very crucial factor when one is acquiring a pre-owned vehicle. It helps one to know what to expect from a vehicle regarding performance among other things. To ensure high correctness of the mileage reading and analysis, the auction houses under the Japanese law, have implemented a strict and well-designed system in place to audit and ensure that the information is obtained is reliable.

There are also tons of data analyses that are done on the vehicle including any previous auction history on the vehicle as well as maintenance history of a vehicle. This helps the experts grade the vehicle and give the owners a clearer picture of the vehicle that they are purchasing.

Auction Grading And Inspection

Knowing the exact condition about the vehicle that you are getting is something that is very important. You don’t want to get a vehicle only to start discovering some issues while you are already using it. All of the vehicles at the Japanese used car auction centers go through thorough inspection to ensure that they meet the set rules and regulations. This is unlike what you will find in auctions in many countries like European Union countries and even the United States.

Following strict condition requirements, the full time professionals at the auction houses asses the vehicle and grade them giving clear and detailed remarks that the person acquiring needs to know. This eliminates any doubts of getting a faulty vehicle which could happen in many other instances.

How Does One Get Started with Buying Cars From Auctions?

There are dozens of auction houses that offer these services, and you don’t necessarily need to be present there to close deals through auctions. Since you will not be available and you probably have little experience on how the auctions are executed, you need to have a representative or an agent in Japan to do all this for you.

Here at Substar, we have been working for customers across different countries helping them get the best cars that they need from Japanese auction centers. With us, you can be sure to get the best deal possible on any vehicle that you are interested in.

We have agents all over big Japanese auction houses which makes our work of delivering the best for our customer’s needs a lot easier. When we know the kind of vehicle that you are looking for and the budget that you expect to spend, we keep an eye on every auction house for that vehicle and bid according to your budget. You could also easily get a vehicle that is lower than your desired budget.

Getting started is easy and all you need to do is say the word, and we will get you that dream vehicle that you have always wanted.

Final Word:

Getting a vehicle from auctions has become a new trend that people are focusing on to get their dream car without blowing their budget. Hopefully this guide has given you a clear understanding of how the Japanese used car auction system works.

If you are serious about getting a highly efficient and reliable vehicle for a good value for your money, then why don’t you let us take care of the action hassles and get you that vehicle within your budget? We are experts in the field and have been doing this for over a decade. Whether you need a mini truck, minivan, a saloon car or any other Japanese vehicle model you can think of, we are sure that we can get it for you. If you also need to know the estimates of a particular vehicle that you need, be sure to get in touch with us and we will get back to you with what you should expect.

you can also check our our listing page for the latest used Japanese mini trucks and minivans.

Used Kei Mini Trucks – All You Need To Know Before Buying A Kei Mini Truck

Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations where we need to carry stuff but can’t really do it because the car available is too small to handle. If you find yourself in such a situation for more than a few times, then perhaps it’s time you considered getting something that does all that work painlessly. While considering options, you may have come across an idea to get a used Kei mini truck. These mini trucks have become popular in the past few years and they are loved for their performance, affordability and reliability.

Finding a good one that is used could however be a pain, especially if you have no prior experience. You need to find a Kei mini truck that you can count on to deliver on what you intend to use it for without the need to maintain it every single day. To get you on track, we’ve prepared a complete guide to help you understand Kei mini trucks and why you would want to get yourself one. We also organize imports, so be sure to check out some of the used Used Kei mini trucks in our listing page.

Overview Of Used Kei Mini Trucks?

For long, Japan has been dependent on mini trucks to run many tasks such as hauling and carry almost anything. Since its inception which dates back to the 1970’s, the industry has undergone major transformations leading to high performing and reliable mini trucks that live up to many people’s expectations.

Keeping in mind the fact that these mini trucks are top notch and built under professional engineering by some of the leading automakers, they won’t let you down.

Why they are on sale? In Japan, there is a high cost of keeping a vehicle on the road and many people are just getting rid of them at throw-away prices. If you are aggressive enough, you could get away with a mini truck that is as good as new for a dirty cheap price. So are you in? Below are some of the reasons why Kei mini trucks have been making headlines among folks who need to haul goods from one place to the other.

Why Choose A Kei Mini Truck?

Here are some of the reasons why you will find the Kei mini truck to stand out and deliver.

High Reliability and Top Notch Performance – From the first instance that one thinks of a vehicle, they’d expect it to do all that they wish for. Not the same can be said for any vehicle but luckily, a Kei mini truck is one of those you can count on to deliver. They are built to last and to handle almost any kind of hauling, listing and carrying under all-terrains. Anyone who has owned a Kei mini truck will tell you that these vehicles are the real deal.

Affordable – If you’ve recently gone to any car dealer or the local yard, you’ll be surprised by the cost of a new mini truck or even a pickup truck. But why would you spend all that when you can get a way affordable Kei mini truck that serves the same purpose, or sometimes even better?

Looking at big dump trucks, that carry mega loads, the price tag is way off the scale and its maintenance could drive you insane. This leaves the mini trucks the only valid and reasonable option on the table.

Low Maintenance And Cost Efficient – Something else that nobody can ignore, mostly with the escalating gas prices is how a vehicle is cost efficient. We all want to drive a vehicle that demands less fuel, have better gas mileage and require less maintenance.

A used Kei mini truck could be an ideal option as these vehicles are known to use less fuel and also require low maintenance and this is something that you should be going for.

Move almost Any kind Of Load – Yet another thing that you everyone with a Kei mini truck will confess is that these mini trucks carry any load regardless of the shape as long as it is within the required carrying capacity. But how much weight can they carry? Most Kei mini trucks have a decent carrying capacity and an engine horsepower of 40-45. This makes carrying almost every medium weight loads super-easy.

From moving simple loads such as those in the factory lots to transporting produce in muddy roads, the Kei mini truck have proven to very reliable over time.

Spare Parts Are Always Available – The last thing that you’d want to get yourself into is to find yourself in a situation where your mini truck has broken down and there are no spare parts for the vehicle. This however, isn’t the case for the mini trucks that we deal with. Having being manufactured by big brands like Mazda, Suzuki and Subaru, the spare parts of these mini trucks are readily available.

Although there are some rare parts which is a case with many other vehicles out there, we can always organize for you to get the right spares. This is what we have been doing for our customers all over the world and we are glad, we have been able to deliver them to their expectations.


Regardless of whether you want to haul furniture, farm produce or construction equipment, a Kei mini truck will do all that with lots of ease. So if you need something that gets the job done, even in the harshest of conditions, this is something to go for. Be sure to get in touch with us about anything regarding purchasing a used Kei mini truck from Japan.

Here are some of the mini truck makes that you will find in our mini truck listing;    Suzuki Carry,  Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar and Mazda Scrum. We also have a couple of mini vans that you can check. Our list gets updated on a regular basis based on new inventories arriving. Be sure to check in often or get in touch with us and we can assist you in finding the right mini truck that you are looking for.

Used Mini Trucks For Sale – Complete Guide To Finding Your Perfect Mini Truck

Are you looking to invest in a used mini truck to help you run your regular errands? There are many things to keep in mind when you need to buy a mini truck, all of which will define how efficient and performing the mini truck will be.

If it is your first time buying a mini truck, then shopping for a mini truck might seem similar to when you are buying any other car. But when you consider the purpose and what a mini truck is designed for, you will realize that the whole process will be totally different. The specifications and the capabilities of the two make their selection different and this is something that you have to be keen with. You shouldn’t however worry about it so much because this article is intended to help you find a good mini truck for sale.

How To choose The Best Used Mini Trucks For Sale

Whether you are looking to buy locally or take the importation option which is often the best, here are some of the things that you should always keep in mind;

Keep In Mind What You will Be Carrying Or Hauling

There are different models of mini trucks which come in different modeling and modifications that are suited for different jobs. Others even have high horsepower than others and knowing what you will be using it for can help you in your quest for the most convenient mini truck.

For instance if you will be carrying produce, you may need a closed mini truck that protects the load which also increases the volume of loads being carried. On another instance, you will come across some mini trucks such as the mini dump trucks that have been designed with a complete hydraulic system to not only haul but to also dump the loads. Such a mini truck is effective when handling things such as construction. Some models have also proven better than others when it comes to lifting loads, so depending on how you use it, it is important to consult.

Know The condition Of The Roads and Location The Mini Truck Will Operate

A mini truck isn’t just a mini truck. There are many classifications within which depend on their usability. Mini trucks can be used for different purposes under different environmental and geo-locations. While some people will acquire mini trucks intending to use them in muddy or rainy places, it is important to understand that not any mini truck will be able to perform under these conditions.

The most significant difference that distinguishes mini trucks from others depending on how they perform under different roads is whether they are a 2 wheel-drive or a 4 wheel dive. A 2 wheel-drive (2WD) mini truck usually comes in less costly than the 4WD but they vary in performance depending on the nature of the roads.

Mini trucks such as Suzuki Cary 4X4 are very reliable in almost any kind of off-road where most 2 Wheel-drive vehicles can’t make to carry loads. With this in mind, you should know which kind of mini truck to buy; whether it’s a 4WD for off-road or a 2 WD for roaming around the city hauling loads on tarmacked lanes.

Minding The Engine And Axle Ratio

Did you know that the efficiency of a vehicle mostly depends on the engine and axle? With the fact that many trucks and mini trucks in the market are known to be gas guzzlers, you’d want to stay away from some and be cautious of what you are investing on. The larger the engine pistons and other features, the more the vehicle demands for fuel and other resources, making it more costly to run and maintain. If there’s one thing that you wouldn’t wish for is a vehicle that guzzles and requires a lot of maintenance.

The higher the axle rations the more you can tow or carry and it also translates to lower fuel efficiency. This is an important factor to keep in mind before investing on a mini truck. If you are planning to be running some errands in the woods, then you may want to ensure that you have a strong 4X4 mini truck such as the Suzuki Carry. Although some of these specifications may tend to be a bit complicated for some people to understand, you can always reach out to us, let us know how you intend to use your mini truck and we will help you out.

Understand Your State’s Motor Vehicle Fees And Regulations

Every state has their own rules on how motor vehicles operate and how they are licensed. Depending on the kind of mini truck or vehicle that you have, your mini truck could attract different insurance charges. It is thus important to keep this fact in mind and know earlier in time on what to expect as Insurance charges.

If you are getting a normal mini truck, however, the charges might not vary that much and you should just expect it to be within the average.


Depending on your needs a mini truck will come in handy by helping you haul and carry loads from one point to the other with ease. Buoyed by their affordability and high reliability, mini trucks have become ideal vehicles for people who need stuffs moved around on a regular basis. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in helping you know how to go about buying used mini trucks for sale which mostly can be imported from Japan.

If you still aren’t sure where to buy you mini truck, you can always check out our mini trucks listings page for some to choose. They have been tested to be in their best condition and will surely live up to your expectations. We are also ready to help with any questions that you may have concerning mini trucks and which one to pick. In our listings page, you will find dozens of models which are all in good conditions. Suzuki Mini trucks, Subaru Samba, Honda Acty and Daihatsu Hijet are just among the few that you will find in our inventory.

How To Import A Mini Truck To New Zealand

Do you live in New Zealand and looking to start a business involving load hauling? If so, you must have some vehicle models flush across your mind. One thing that you should however consider is getting a mini truck such as a used Suzuki Carry or Daihatsu Hijet from Japan. Mini trucks have become so popular today, thanks to their affordability, flexibility and reliable services that they offer. Have you thought of importing a mini truck to New Zealand?

It could become a pain and somewhat complicated for anyone who hasn’t done it before to import a mini truck. There are some steps and requirements that are required and in this guide, we hope to shed some light to help you import that mini truck the hassle-free way.

Here Are Steps And Regulations For Importing To New Zealand

To safely and painlessly import your mini truck, it is important to follow each of these steps.

Knowing More On the Vehicle

Just looking at an image in a website listing isn’t enough to give you a clear sense of the mini truck that you are eyeing. You need to know more details to determine whether the vehicle is the right one to do the task that you are looking forward to use it for.

Among some of the things that you need to do your due diligence on includes knowing more about the vehicle body, specs, performance and its current condition. This is a very crucial step before you even think of buying it or shipping it.

Understanding The Shipping Process

Although it doesn’t always make any difference to know how your mini truck is loaded or offloaded, you might just want to know a thing or two about shipping just in case you need to track it. All used vehicles from Japan are exported to New Zealand through Japan’s main ports which includes Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka or Kobe and they are shipped to either Auckland, Dunedin, Napir,  Lyttleton, Welington or Tauranga. If you are going to use a local broker to help with shipping, you can get the vehicle though FOB terms which means you can pay for the vehicle only and then the rest of the freight charges can be cleared after the vehicle has been shipped.

Understanding The Age Requirements

Like most countries, there are age limits for every vehicle being imported to New Zealand and it is important to know this before you start the acquisition process. According to the New Zealand importation laws and as a way to cope up with the international emission regulations as of January 1st, 2012, a law was enacted to import vehicles manufactured no earlier than 2005. This law covers all vehicles including mini trucks and minivans. There is however an exception for vehicles that are on a “Special Interest” bracket.

On a marginal note, it is also important to ensure that the vehicle you are looking into meets the New Zealand emission standards. You may have to seek some help with determining whether a particular vehicle meets the emission standards.

We do thorough inspection and can ascertain the vehicles in our inventory meet these standards. There are also plenty of vehicles in our listings that meet the New Zealand age requirement. So you can check out one that meets your requirements.

Entry Certification

Before importing a particular vehicle, it is a requirement that one first file for an Entry requirement. This is a protocol required to import a vehicle from another country. Approval for an Entry gives one the green light to make the purchase and import the vehicle they need.

Most of the things that are required to get an Entry requirement is to get an inspection report to understand if the vehicle meets the standards and the emission standards.

Ensuring The Vehicle Is Road Worthy

Warranty Of Fitness is a section that every imported vehicle must go through to ensure that the vehicles are in good mechanical condition and aren’t rusty. This is however something that you shouldn’t worry about as we do check for this on all vehicles in our listing.

The vehicle should also be Right-Hand-Drive only. Apart from vehicles that are rated “special Interest” or vehicles for sporting and such activities, it is a requirement that every vehicle being imported meet this requirement.

Registering The Vehicle

This is also an important step that one needs to know about. After the shipping process is complete and when all the customs and taxes clearance has been made, registration is the next important step. It is however an important step that can be done easily. One will however need all the documentation pertaining the purchase and import of the vehicle.

Meeting The Health Standards Through Quarantine Service

New Zealand, like any other country has set up safety standards to ensure that every vehicle entering the country is safe from any biohazards. As such, all vehicles must pass through the Ministry Of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) for quarantine and screening purposes.


Mini trucks are one of the most invaluable vehicles for anyone who is venturing into local businesses that require carrying small to medium sized loads. With the fact that these mini trucks can maneuver through both remote off-roads and on roads, you can simply do any kind of business and haul anything. Whether you would like a vehicle to carry loads from your firm or need to start a construction business, mini trucks are something worth considering.

You can always check out our listings page to see if you can find a good mini truck that meets your specifications. The list is regularly updated depending on the mini trucks and mini vans being entered every day. We also inspect the vehicles before listing them. This way, we ensure that all the vehicles meet the required quality standards. You can always get in touch with us regarding anything about importing mini trucks from Japan to New Zealand. Our inventory features mini vans and mini trucks such as the Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Aty, Suzuki Mighty Boy among many others.

How To Import Suzuki Carry 4X4 Mini Truck From Japan To USA

Mini trucks are the ultimate haul-masters all over the world. They are loved for their flexibility to maneuver easily through almost any path, their performance and their affordability. However, if you are planning to buy your own mini truck like the Suzuki Carry 4X, which by the way is one of the best mini trucks you can find in the market today. There are a number of things that you should it into consideration; among them is how you will actually acquire it. Of course there is a local dealer around you where you can easily buy and hi the road. But is it the best deal you can get?

If you are frugal like many other people around who like to save big then you might also want to weigh in the importation option. And before you even think of that option as a complex one the way your local dealer likes to make it, read this post. We hope it will shine some light on the process of importing a mini truck such as the Suzuki Carry from Japan to the US without any issues.

What You Need To Know To Import Your Mini Truck

Know more about the mini truck – The first thing before you even think of the customs and every other thing is to first know the vehicle that you are looking to buy. You’ll want to check its body condition and find out more on its performance is. Good enough, when you are working with exporters like Substar, you will love the fact that we do thorough inspection on every vehicle. We’ve been dealing with tons of mini trucks ranging from the Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar among other dozens of mini truck models.

Understand the US Import Laws – Although it isn’t that necessary to master every bit of it, knowing some things will help you to know how to follow up. USA has some vehicle import requirements which you need to understand prior to making the shipment of the vehicle.

Here are some of the things that you need to know regarding the laws and requirements to import a vehicle;

-Vehicles being imported to the U.S must comply with several standardizations including the EPA and DOT set standards.

-The first step before importing a vehicle is to first file for an “Entry”. This is a requirement that should be done through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The will approve the import allowing you to import any particular vehicle from other countries.

-Again the vehicle being imported should comply with the set emission standards and if it doesn’t meet those requirements, it might not go through the registration process.

-You need to prove the ownership of the vehicle by presenting the original certificate or a certified original copy of the certificate.

-Also as a requirement by the EPA and the Department of Transport (DOT), one is required to present a certificate showing that the vehicle conforms to these agencies’ standards. The completion of the EPA 3520-1 form and DOT form HS-7 are the required documentations to complete this process. You should also have copies of these forms just in case DMV needs to have their copy. After the completion of this inspection and verification, you should be provided with a CBP Form 7501 for which proves that the vehicle has fully complied to the standard.

As a side note, there are vehicles that have stickers on their engine or inside the vehicle doors stating that they have complied to the set EPA and DOT standards. Usually these vehicles don’t require one to have the manufacturer’s letter to be approved, but instead they are approved automatically.

Importing and Clearing the mini truck – Another thing that your local dealer might never want you to know is that the fees charged are lesser than you think. Just because it goes through different departments for clearance doesn’t mean that it becomes costly.

The only payments that you should expect are minimal ones that are required by the clearing and tax agencies. Here you need to lodge a custom declaration, pay custom dusty charges, and import tax if any.

The process becomes easier when you have all the documents in case they are required by the clearing officers. Under normal circumstances, this process shouldn’t take more than 72 hours for complete clearance. Once this is done, your vehicle is cleared and ready for registration.

Registering the Vehicle

Registration part is the final stage before you get your mini truck on the road. The Department of Moto Vehicles (DMV) will inspect and license the vehicle upon meeting the requirements. Among the important things that you need to have in hand when registering the mini truck are the approval documents by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Not much is needed to complete the registration process and the copy of CBP Form 7501 provided by CBP should be enough. Everything else from this point is just a walk in the park and you can organize on getting the plate for your car and insurance.


Most people don’t understand the importation steps which bar them from getting what they want overseas. Surprisingly, the process of importing a mini truck isn’t as hard as many perceive it to be. There are also many benefits that one can have when they choose to go with a mini truck like Suzuki Carry. If you are looking for an affordable yet high performing mini truck to run your daily errands then a Suzuki Carry 4X4 could be the ideal option for you.

We understand that this process could be complicated to some importers who haven’t done it before, but the reality is, it is much easier than you think. Get in touch with us or get the help of a custom importer to help you find out the best mini truck that you would like to import. We’ve got plenty of Suzuki Carry mini trucks in our regularly updated listing which you should check out. We have been serving our customers in the US helping them ship their vehicles easily. You can also check out other models such as the Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum and the Daihatsu Hi-Jet from out listing.

How To Import A Suzuki Carry 4X4 Mini Truck To Canada From Japan

Are you thinking of importing a Suzuki Cary 4X4 mini truck from Japan? If you live in Canada and would like to know the procedure on how to import this mini truck from Japan, then you’ll find this guide helpful. Most first time importers always fear for the worst and also could take longer than expected if you don’t have a clue on what to do step after the other.

There is no doubt Suzuki mini trucks have been getting popular across the world recently because of their endless reliability and capabilities.  This guide is dedicated to providing all you need to know before you think of making your import.

Is Suzuki Carry Mini Truck the Right Vehicle For You?

Here are some of the things you can expect from Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck which should also help you know whether it is what you need.

Way Affordable and Reliable

If you are looking for a mini truck that goes above and beyond with reliability, then this is the perfect choice. Suzuki Carry isn’t the kind of truck that gets stuck in the mud or demand lots of maintenance after every week. It is a well-engineered vehicle that you can count on for everything.

Without blowing your money, you can enjoy the solid services of this mini truck which can move even in roads where many vehicles don’t.

Can Be Used For Multiple tasks Under Remote Locations

Many people might ask, why not just get a pickup truck instead of wasting money on a mini truck. Or why not get a big dump bed truck that can do everything. While part of that could hold some sense, a mini truck is a medium sized vehicle that is between a pickup truck and the big dump trucks. It carries more loads than a puckup and is more flexible than a dump truck. So if you are thinking of getting something that hauls more loads flexibly, this could be your best bet.

Durable and Consistent Performance

Among some of the things that makes mini trucks stand out is their durability and their stunning performance. Despite acquiring a used model of the mini truck, models like the Suzuki Carry are known to be among the best in the industry.

Things To Keep In Mind When Importing To Canada

Here are some of the steps that you should expect to go through as you plan to import your mini truck from Japan to Canada.

  • Weigh in The costs

The very first thing that you should do is to weigh in the costs and see if it meets your expected budget. It is however, obvious that importing the mini truck will be less costly than buying directly from the dealer or having them do a custom import for you. You can also consult with an import-export expert to help you with determining the costs inclusive of the taxes and customs to know exactly how much you will need.

It is important to also determine if there are any duties, charges such as federal taxations, shipping permits, insurance before you import the mini truck.

  • Ensuring All The Requirements Are Met

You should first determine whether the mini truck you would like to import meets the Canadian regulations.

In some instances, other vehicles may require modifications to meet the Canadian standards, so this is something that you have to keep in mind before you think of importing a particular mini truck.

As a requirement to all vehicles entering Canada, you also need to go through a recall clearance step which helps the importer against any defects that the vehicle might have. The RIV ensures that any defects are corrected before importation.

Be careful also not to import any modified vehicle into Canada. Although some comply well with the law requirements, they could attract more charges which could blow your budget.

  • Clearing Your Mini Truck And Registering It

After your mini truck has been shipped, the next thing that you have to do is to clear it from the port and have it registered. The process isn’t that hard and clearing should be completed in less than 72 hours if one corresponds with the documentation and the particulars on time.

You need to complete Form 1 and then submit it to RIV through the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for the final inspection. After the vehicle goes through the RIV inspection, it is then licensed through the provincial licensing jurisdiction.

These are some of the important things that should be in the importer’s checklist which needs to be addressed.

Importing From Substar Inc

When you’ve decided that you need a Suzuki Carry mini truck or any other mini truck that you can think of, we recommend that you take some time to go through our listing. You will come across dozens of them that are updated on a daily basis.

To help our clients and customers get a reliable truck with solid performance, we go beyond and inspect each of the mini trucks and mini vans in our listing.


If you need to haul anything from carrying produce from your farm to the local stores or run your small construction business, a mini truck like the Suzuki Carry is something that will come handy. With the reliability, multiple usability and affordability in mind, there is nothing that comes close to getting a mini truck. It is a perfect alternative to getting an expensive mega dump truck. Sometimes you just don’t need something so big to haul goods.

Would you like to import a used Suzuki Carry mini truck the easy way? Why not get in touch with us for more details on how we can help you get the mini truck? We have been in business for many years and we would like to lend our hand to help our valued customers. Our listing is updated on a regular basis with new trucks as others get shipped.  Through our listings you will also come across dozens of other mini truck models such as the Mazda Scrum, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru Sambar, and Honda Acty.

How To Import Suzuki Carry 4×4 Mini truck To Australia From Japan

Mini trucks are the rave of transport these days and Suzuki Carry is just one of the awesome models that you can get from the market today. You can get these mini trucks from your local dealer or opt to make the import yourself. Even though acquiring from your local dealer could ease the import load on your end, there are many advantages that come with importing your mini truck from Japan.

Think it’s hard to import the mini truck on your own? It is not as hard as many people are made to believe. In this guide, we will go through the steps of importing Suzuki Carry mini truck from Japan to Australia without making it a hassle for you. However, before delving into that, here are some of the things that make the Suzuki Carry a lovable mini truck.

Importance of getting a Suzuki Carry mini truck:

Multipurpose Utility mini truck – A Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck is a top notch all-weather road vehicle that can be used to haul almost anything as long as it is within its carrying capacity.

Affordable – The best way to get your mini truck at an affordable price is to cut down the middleman and your local dealer. And that is by importing it by yourself. It could take some weeks to get your vehicle depending on your location, but it is worthy.

Reliable- Beyond being a hard bodied mini truck, its performance is also stunning.This is the kind of vehicle that will amaze you hauling loads maneuvering paths that many vehicles cannot dare.

Efficient– We all love vehicles that don’t guzzle gallons of fuel over a short distance. This is among Suzuki Carry’s selling point. You will also love it’s low maintenance demands.

How To Import The Mini Truck From Japan To Australia

Here are some quick simplified steps for importing your Suzuki Mini truck from Japan to Australia. It will also involve some Australian authorities which one should know before importing their mini truck.

Step 1 – Research

To make the whole import process an easy one, you need to do your own basic research so that you can know what to expect. To give you a quick overview, here are things that you will be finding out;

-You need to determine whether the vehicle that you want to import meets the Australian standards and requirements.

-You need to know the different documents that you need to import and also know the agencies involved in the importation process.

-Should you use a broker to import? This is a good option if you would like everything to be taken care for you. But make sure they have been doing this for a long time to avoid them exploiting you.

What is the timeframe and when to expect you vehicle?

 Step 2 – Applying For Vehicle Import

The next step is to apply for the vehicle to be imported. The good thing with this step is that you can do the whole process online. This is done through the department of Infrastructure and there is a $50 fee required for the vehicle import application.

Step 3 – Receiving the Vehicle Import Approval

Next, you will be receiving the approval of your vehicle import application. This should be coming in through your email and normally contains the information on the requirements and the conditions in which the vehicle should be used.

Step 4 – Organize For The Mini Truck To Be Shipped

The mini truck is usually steam cleaned and sometimes if need be, the air conditioning is removed. This is part of the import-export protocol to ensure that the vehicles exported do not carry any contamination and such.

Step 5 – Get Custom Clearance

As part of the import process you need to lodge custom declaration where one is required to pay custom duty, tax import duty and Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Step 6 – Get Australian Quarantine Approval

To ensure safety and transmission control, it is required that everything that is imported be inspected and meet the set standards. Under this step, you should arrange for an inspection appointment with the Department of Agriculture.

Step 7 – Ensure That You meet The Import Approval Conditions

The vehicle should be fully compliant with as per the Australian requirements. Testing should be done and you will then be required to submit for plate approval. If there are any other modifications that you need on the vehicle, this is also where you submit them for approval.

Step 8 – Registering The Mini Truck

Once all that is done, your final step is to get the vehicle registered. This should be done through the State Road and Transport Authority.

Once this is done, you are ready to get your Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck on the road and start hauling your loads.

Importing Through Substar

Wondering who to trust on the other end of the line? Try Substar and you will not be disappointed.

We are among the best Used Japanese exporters who are specializing in mini trucks and mini vans. We are specialists on these vehicles and we believe that doing a business around what we have specialized in is the best way to deliver the best for our clients globally.

We understand the ins and out of mini trucks and we ensure that whatever is in our listing is of the best quality. We inspect every vehicle before listing them to make it easier for our clients. Above that, we also help you with the importation process since there are many new importers who aren’t familiar with the importation process.


Hopefully this guide has given a complete guide to help anyone who is thinking of importing their Suzuki Mini truck an idea of what to expect. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few days overall. With this, you are cutting the middle man and the dealer who can take advantage.

You can always check out our updated listing which has tons of Suzuki Carry mini trucks and many other models as well. Should you have any questions on how to import or need more info on a vehicle in our listing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

Buying Spare Parts For Your Mini Truck – A Comprehensive Guide

Like any other car, different parts of your mini truck will start getting worn out and experience breakage as time goes. This will lower the quality and performance that your mini truck is giving you. How one goes about fixing it is by replacing the spare parts for mini trucks? It can however get complicated when you have no clue about how to get the spare parts. Most people end up dealing with their local spare part dealers which could be an ideal option but could be costly. You need to weight in things like costs and make sure that you are not being exploited.

In this guide, we hope to shine some light on how to go about acquiring mini truck spare parts without any hassles.  Below are the steps and what to look out for;

Do Your Homework

There is a lot to do and buying spare parts isn’t as easy as going to a mall and picking a pair of shoes that fits you. Without doing your research, you could end up paying a lot for something that would have gone for half the price. Apart from doing research to establish the real price tag of a spare part, you should also ensure that you are acquiring a precise spare part. Choosing the right spare part could sometimes be a big pain as some parts are similar but vary in sizes. Ensuring that you are querying the right spare part and quoting the same part number is something that you need to be sure about.

It is also recommended that as you continue using your mini truck, you should learn a thing or two about some parts and their normal functionality. It makes it easy when shopping for spare parts and you won’t get carried away by some cheap cooked-tales that your junkyard will try to sell you.

You should also pay attention to online marketplaces like Ebay where there are auctions of which you can find your spare parts. This is however an option for people who have experience in buying online as the marketplace could be confusing if you are not familiar with it.

Ensure You Are Dealing With a Genuine Part Dealer

You don’t want to make errors that will lead you to getting counterfeit spare parts or one that won’t last you long enough. With counterfeit products being in almost every industry, it is also important to know that in demand spare parts also flood the market making it hard to differentiate genuine ones from counterfeits.

If for instance you decide to acquire a spare part from a local spare part shop, you need to do some due diligence to ascertain whether the parts are genuine. The first step is to ensure that the dealer you are getting it from are genuine and have been in the business for a reasonable period. There are some accredited dealers who are authorized by different brands to sell spare parts and buying your spares from such dealers would be a great option.

Also you need to beware of cheap spare parts that you will come across while shopping. Some of these spare parts could have already become worn out and they have just undergone some upgrading or repairs and found their way to the market. Again, your experience with can spares and functionality could come in handy with this since you can easily spot the difference in these spares.

Think About Importing The Spare Parts Yourself

Have you ever thought of importing spare parts by yourself? Besides the genuine factor, you will also realize that it gets affordable and way easier than what many people make the importation process sound. Your local spare part dealer gets the spare parts by importing them and their intention is to make a profit out of it. That profit could be a pain to you as the end user of the spare parts. But why not import them by yourself? Most people have the notion that importing spare parts or mini trucks is a complicated process. With a couple of legal paper work and a few days to wait, you could soon be rolling with your mini truck that rides as a new one. It could take some time to get your spares depending on where you are getting them from but if they are genuine, they are worth the wait.

Most individuals who have imported their own spare parts know that it involves some easy steps and the whole process becomes way affordable than buying from the local dealer.

Also, if you are dealing with some rare mini truck parts, it is important to handle this in person as one is easy to come across counterfeits. Rare parts might not be available in your local spare part dealer, but this does not mean that your mini truck will never move. You can always import these spare parts easily from leading exporters. You can get in touch with us regarding imports of spare parts for mini trucks.

In all honesty, your local dealer should be your last resort as there are way many ideal options that are worth exploring in your search for your mini truck spare parts.


Parts of the vehicle wearing out causing breakdowns are something that every mini truck owner will experience as they run their regular errands. Although regular maintenance can help prolong the life of these spare parts, here reaches a time when replacing them is the only option available. Being extra cautions is however important to ensure that you are getting genuine spare parts at the best rate. Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision when you are shopping for your mini truck spare parts.

You can however choose to get in touch with us regarding any spare part that you may be in need of. Being in the industry for years, we have served many people and our inventory is growing day by day.

We serve customers all over the world, so regardless of where you are, you can always reach out to us and query about any mini truck or minivan spare parts.