Monthly Archives: February 2017

Are you looking to import your vehicle from Japan? With Japanese vehicles being affordable, high performing and reliable, many people across the world have turned to import their vehicles from Japan. There is however a process involved that demands one to know much about the importation process and what to expect when importing. Β Many things […]

Dump bed mini trucks are one of the most reliable options that one has when they want to haul goods from one place to another. They are among the best alternatives to pickup trucks which although ideal, they come in expensively and could also demand too much when it comes to maintaining it. A dump […]

Kei mini trucks have become very common there days with people opting to use them instead of the much expensive pickups and other utility vehicles. They have stood every test to become champs of off-road and hauling performance. If you haven’t used a mini truck in running your daily errands then there are many things […]

Ever found yourself stranded wondering how to haul some goods from one point to the other? Or have you ever tried carrying something heavy over an off-road and just got stuck on the way? If that has ever happened to you then you need to upgrade your vehicle and get something that is more reliable […]

If you are still new to the import-export world, then you must be having some questions on whether you should import from abroad or just buy from the local dealer. If you are eyeing a mini truck then chances are that your local dealer is importing mini trucks from Japan and selling them to you […]

Do you live in a hunting zone and don’t have the right vehicle to get your mission done? Or maybe you are planning on hauling some hay downhill to take care of your dairy farm. Whichever way, you need a reliable vehicle that has the horsepower and capability to handle the tasks smoothly. For many […]

As much as we all want to save and get the best mini trucks that we always want, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes it might not be as smooth as we want it to be. Sometimes people end up with vehicles that they didn’t purchase and sometimes people get cheated into […]

If rugged trails, muddy and rocky roads are in your daily routines and just can’t seem to avoid them, you need a good vehicle that is dependable especially if you haul different loads. Mini trucks are among the few vehicle that have stood such tests and given owners good value for their money. However, not […]

Japan has become the go-to place when you need to buy almost every vehicle. With the mouthwatering costs of vehicles that are looking the Japanese market and the auction houses, there are lots of reasons to get your vehicle from there. However, before you import Japanese trucks, sedans, mini vans or any other vehicle that […]

In a world where everything seems super-inflated and nothing seems to be steering right, we all want to save. Same case applies to anyone out there who needs to acquire a vehicle or a kei mini truck in this case. If you envy a Kei mini truck for its unchallenged performance and reliability, then you’d […]