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Acquiring a new car can be a hectic task especially if you are still new to it. Importing vehicles from Japan has been among the trending things and an ideal option for anyone looking to acquire a vehicle at an affordable cost as well as one that you can count on for top notch performance. These vehicles have become popular with time and are common in almost every country.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways to buy a vehicle from Japan citing the things to avoid as well as those that will make the whole process an easy one.

Keep The Budget In Mind

If there is a mess that people keep doing over and over it is to do with budgeting. Without proper budgeting, one can easily find themselves overspending or blowing money beyond their expectations. For you to come up with a good spending curve, you need to prepare earlier in advance and decide on how much you are willing to spare to buy a car. Something else that you should also keep in mind are the miscellaneous costs that you will have to pay or incur during the process of importing the vehicle. This includes the shipping costs, the clearing, registration and other miscellaneous expenses that are common when importing vehicles from overseas. Without doing this, you could end up being struck by surprise costs which will end up messing your entire financial records. If you are getting the vehicle through financing, then online budgeting calculators will come in handy and help you to determine how to plan your savings and what to expect.

Decide On A Used Car Or A New One

Another thing that you should be keen on is deciding whether you need a pre-owned vehicle or need a new one. Each of them has distinct advantages which all depend on how one considers them. For instance getting a used car will come in at a cheaper price than a newer one. On the other side of the edge, a newer vehicle will have many things in place as compared to a used vehicle. It is therefore important to keep these things in mind when you are shopping for the vehicle.

Don’t forget to do your due diligence if you are getting a used vehicles others could be faulty.

Inspect The Vehicle In and Out

Something else that you wouldn’t want to play around with is the condition of the vehicle that you are getting. Not all vehicles will meet the standards that you expect and it is up to you to do your homework and find out if everything is spot on. Your inspection process should include everything covering mechanical, car’s history as well as all legal certifications. It is always good to ask for more information from the Japanese car dealer so that you can get a clearer picture and get to know more about the vehicle that you wish to purchase. Sometimes getting images and even requesting a video on the vehicle is important.

If possible you can also involve an expert to help you determine if the vehicle you are getting is worth the investment and the price tag being asked for.

Narrow Your Choice To A Specialty Car

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that need vehicles that are specifically suited to some certain purposes. If you find yourself in such instances then your best bet is to find a vehicle that is suited for the purposes. A good example is when you find yourself in a situation whether you need to haul something from one place to the other. In such a situation finding a pickup truck or a mini truck is your ideal option. You can however further narrow down to get something like a dump truck which will come in handy when you are dealing with cargo that needs to be off-loaded fast.

Watch Out For Scams

Scams are all over and there is little to be done to address the ever rising situation. Almost in every industry that you will go to, you will come across quacks and cons who are always there to steal away people’s money. It is however nothing to be scared of as there are many ways that one can easily smell a scam and stay away from them. Doing some things like buying from trusted Japanese car dealers, reading customer testimonials and keenly screening the company will help avoid such common scams. You should be careful on the bank accounts that you send money to as most cons usually misrepresent themselves as the dealer only to provide you with different payment details than that of the company’s bank account.

Bargain and Seek For Discounts

Unless you have a lot of money to spill around, which most likely isn’t the case, finding a good vehicle at a good price is all we need. Finding a well-priced vehicle is very important and it is not only advantageous in the sense of saving costs but also helping you to stay within the budgetary limits. When you go shopping for a vehicle, you shouldn’t just settle for the amount quoted. In most instances, one can get a big cut from the quoted price. The good thing with it is that you can bargain and negotiate a vehicle easily, thanks to the online plugins and addons that have made this seamlessly possible.

Final Word:

Finding an affordable yet high performing vehicle in today’s auto industry which seems like a maze is very tricky. You have to do a lot of things as well as avoid dozens of them to ensure that what you are getting is of good value. Hopefully the pointers highlighted above are sufficient to help you make an informed choice when shipping for a vehicle from Japan or any other county.

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daihatsu hijet

There is no doubt on the vehicle models produced by Daihatsu. Their vehicles are well built and meant to deliver great performance. Among their best-selling vehicle models is the Daihatsu Hijet. Under the Hijet model, one can either go with a mini truck (Kei truck) or the minivan. Both of these vehicle models have shown outstanding performance over the years. Their popularity has expanded to the global scene and you can find these vehicles in any country today. The mini truck which closely compares with the pickup truck are loved for their exceptional services when carrying around goods.

In this write-up, we will com-pare the Daihatsu Hijet mini truck with pickup trucks and highlight the upside and downsides on each. Hopefully it will also help you to make an informed decision when investing on these kind of vehicles.

Daihatsu Hijet At A glance

Here are some of things that you need to learn about the Daihatsu Hijet mini truck;

The Daihatsu Hijet which has been around for many decade has being a top performer. It was initially targeted on the Japanese market and over the recent years, they have expanded to the global car industry, thanks to their high performance that has enabled it to easily penetrate the market. Among some of the closest rivals that the Hijet is racing up against includes the Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty and Suzuki Carry.  Here are some of the top notch characters that you will love in the Daihatsu Hijet mini truck;

Affordable and Economical – These mini trucks have gone through some of the most sophisticated technologies aimed at reducing fuel consumption while also maximizing the output. This is the kind of vehicle that can take you many miles with a single gallon of fuel. One can also easily get these vehicles from the Japanese car auctions which are much cheaper.

High Performing – These are vehicles that you can also count on to serve you excellently over a long period. With the capabilities such as the 4 wheel drive, you can also expect it to easily maneuver through harsh conditions.

Low Maintenance– Are you looking for a vehicle that demands less to run? The Daihatsu Hijet being one of the best has this well taken care of and doesn’t disappoint.

With an engine that ranges between 500-600cc depending on the model, this Kei truck is small but excellent in every way.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks on the other side are not new and we all have experienced or at least heard good things about them. They are graced for their incredible performance among many other things. Although there are many models and the performance among other goodies will vary from one model to the other, the majority have everything spot on. Like the Japanese mini trucks, you will love the accessibility and handling of these vehicles. 4 wheel drive capabilities enable them to easily offer stunning performances even in all-weather roads.

Comparing The Daihatsu Mini Truck With Pickup Trucks

So how do these two different vehicles compare to each other? Here is the comparison which will help you to understand them much better.


We all love to get a vehicle at an affordable cost. However, one shouldn’t only be looking at it from that perspective. You need to evaluate the cost of the vehicle as well as what you are getting. You could be getting a faulty vehicle for a lower price which doesn’t make any sense. It is therefore to weigh in the features and what you are getting and not only overlook the price tag. Comparing the Japanese Daihatsu hijet and the average pickup trucks, one will clearly see that the Kei trucks have an upper hand as they cost less and still offer good service. How these vehicles are when it comes to economy totally varies with what type of pickup truck you are using to compare with the Hijet. Some pickup trucks are very economical and easy to maintain while others are dregs.


Something that needs to be spot on when you are looking for a vehicle is how that particular vehicle is able to deliver. If a vehicle will not be able to offer you the quality services that you expect from it, then you are better off without it.

Mini trucks closely compares with pick up tricks when it comes to performance since they have equally matched features or perhaps just a little difference. Features and capabilities such as the 4 wheel drive, dump bed and others are common in both and you can enjoy an equally similar performance.

Importing Daihatsu Hijet From Japan

One of the major concerns that many people find themselves in is when you are trying to get a mini truck or a vehicle from Japan. Many people are fooled to believe that importing from Japan is a tiresome and lengthy process. This is totally the opposite. T import any vehicle from Japan or any other country takes just a few weeks, little paper-work and ensuring that you follow the standard legal process. Literally, the process can be completed within days and for that you get a chance to get the vehicle that you have been dreaming of at a way lower cost. If you are therefore considering getting a mini truck like the Daihatsu Hijet, you shouldn’t worry about importing it or shipping it.

Final Word:

Hopefully this guide has shed some light on how to go about choosing a good vehicle when you have the option of choosing between a Daihatsu Hijet and a pickup truck. Clearly a mini truck is ideal in many cases and something that is worth looking into.

Take some time to check some of the mini trucks that we have in our listing page. We have mini trucks ranging from Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty. You will also come across many other vehicles in our inventory. And the best thing about this whole thing is that we are willing to help our customers by shipping the vehicle to their desired port.

Japanese minivan

Japanese minivans are among the most common minivans across the globe today and this is all because of their sophisticated and exceptional performance among other things. Getting one of the Japanese minivans could be among the best investments that you will make with vehicles.

In this guide, we will go through some of the things that you can do to avoid scams when you are importing a minivan from Japan. However, before all that, let’s first dig into the advantages that you will get by acquiring these vehicles;

They Are Affordable

Don’t we all love vehicles that are affordable and demand less when it comes to maintenance? I bet we all do. Minivans are affordable vehicles that one can count on in terms of acquiring it and the Japanese versions are the best that you can get along well with. They are made by some of the leading carmakers and their main aim is to provide value in their vehicles. They don’t also guzzle much fuel as you would expect to see from other minivan alternatives.

Balancing quality and performance while also controlling the cost from flying over the roof is something that we all love to see and the Japanese automakers have done their best when it comes to this. Besides all this, you will also love how these vehicles are economical and the fact that they demand less when it comes to maintaining them.

High Performing

Do you want a vehicle that will do what you want it to do? Most of us will settle for vehicles that they are baited to rather than what they need. One should consider vehicle’s features and capabilities and ensure that they are getting the best out of the vehicle that they are getting.

Japanese minivans are among the best vehicles that you can count on to deliver. Whether you plan on using it for your family use or for carrying around some delicate cargo, the Japanese minivans are good vehicles that deliver.

Keeping in mind that these vehicles also have the capability of turning both of their axles to engage the 4 wheel drive, one has the option of switching to this and getting the best out of their vehicle.

Importing From Japan Is Easy

Most of us are tied into the notion that importing a vehicle overseas is a lengthy and tiresome process that will take time. While most of us have easy access and can easily acquire these vehicles from local dealers, people do not closely weigh into the merits and demerits. While you stand a chance to get your minivan instantly while using a local dealer, there are things such as costs which you need to look into as well.

Truth of the matter is that importing from Japan is much easier than what many of us think. With just a few paperwork and paying some fees, you could be getting your vehicle from shipped from Japan in no time. Importing is therefore an option that you may want to consider if you are looking forward to saving and getting a variety of models to choose from.

Steps to Avoiding Scams When Buying Your Mini Truck

Scams are all over and they are some for the things that you should avoid to get everything rolling. Below are some for the best ways that you can easily use to spot scams easily and only make sure that you are working with legit and trustworthy Japanese car dealers;

Research The Selling Company

If there is something that you ought to do to ensure that you are getting the best deal and avoiding scams, it is to first ensure that the company that you are dealing with is trustworthy enough. Doing a background research is the best way to go about this. The good thing, however, is that with the internet, searching and scanning through a website is easy and one can easily distinguish a legit company from one that is a scam.

You should also consider checking out the customer testimonials and reviews. Checking out

Watch Out For Common Scam Baits

While scams are increasingly becoming common, most of them, if not all can easily be avoided. You need to know about the common scam baits that can be easily avoided. Among some of the things that you should do or not do to avoid the common scam baits includes;

-Avoiding dealers who cut corners and fail to provide full description about the vehicle that you are looking to buy. A good buyer who is trustworthy should disclose all the information that the buyer requests. This includes the photos of the vehicle as well as videos of how the vehicle runs or idles.

-Avoiding making deposits to different accounts than that of the selling company is something that you should also keep in mind. Doing this covers you from the risk of being scammed by people who misrepresent themselves.

-Doing your own due diligence on the nature of the deal. Beyond all these, you also need to make sure that you do your due diligence and make sure that the deal is worth your investment and that you are certain of the investment that you are making.

Consult Others

Something else that you’d want to consider before making any deposits or buying a vehicle abroad is to consult with others. Since you are not the first one to import a vehicle, it would be good to hear the experiences of others so as to also know what to avoid and what to do to make sure that you are getting the best deal. It will also help you to save on costs.

Final Word:

Minivans are among the most loved vehicles and importing from Japan is one ideal option worth considering. You can check out some of the best Japanese minivans that we have in our listings page. We have vetted them and inspected to ensure that they meet all international standards. So you can buy them with confidence. We will also be happy to help you ship the vehicle to your desired port of destination.

best Japanese mini trucks

Japanese Kei trucks are getting popular day by day and many people love these vehicles across the globe. After so many years of active use in Japan, people are now realizing that these kinds of vehicles have all that one is looking for in a vehicle. If you love to carry around stuff, then this is a good option to consider. Much like the pickup trucks and UTVs these vehicles can be counted on in all-weather roads and in conditions where many vehicles cannot dare go, thanks to the 4 wheel drive capability and other state of the art features.

In this post, we will go through some of the bets Kei mini trucks that one can import from Japan and get good value for their money. However, before mulling onto that, here are some of the reasons why you will most likely count on the Japanese Kei trucks.

High Performance

Getting a vehicle that is of high quality and superior performance is every car owners dream and the Kei mini trucks are among the vehicles that you can count on to deliver. These vehicles are highly engineered to offer top notch services and also serve you for a long period. With the fact that they are made by some of the leading automakers, you surely couldn’t go wrong with them.

Also with the fact that most of these Japanese mini trucks come with the 4 wheel drive capability, one can expect them to run on even the hardest roads and still deliver quality service.

Low Maintenance and Economical

In a world where the price of living is ever rising and the fuel prices skyrocketing every dawn, we ought to be cautious on what we invest on. People should be more cautious when buying vehicles and focus on getting those that are both economical and cheap to maintain. If you have owned a number of vehicles then you already know that there are vehicles that guzzle fuel crazily and demand the mechanic more often. Those are not the kind of vehicles that we would all love to have. Having such a vehicle will pile up expenses and with time one will realize that it is becoming very costly.


Among some of the things that we all consider when buying a vehicle is the cost and how much we are willing to spend on a vehicle. Comparing the Japanese mini truck with other similar alternatives such as the pickup trucks, one will realize that they are not only way affordable but also offer good value for your investment. The fact that these vehicles have a larger bed as compared to the mini truck means that you can carry more bulkier loads without having to pay much for it. If you are therefore looking for a vehicle that will offer you good value for your investment, then there is no doubt that the Kei trucks will impress you.

Why Buy The Japanese Kei Trucks?

lift bed kei mini trucksHere is a quick look at some of the bestselling Japanese mini trucks that you should consider next time you are shopping for a Kei truck.

Daihatsu Hijet

The Hijet is among the most popular mini trucks from the Japanese carmaker Daihatsu and has been in production since 1960. It has gained massive attention from locals and the globe in general, thanks to their high performance and dependability. The vehicle models have also gone through many transitions which has seen them only become better one model after the other.

The Daihatsu hijet makes these mini trucks in a variety of models ranging from dump bed mini trucks,

Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry is yet another player that has been in business for a while and doing its best to make some of the best mini trucks to keep up with the competition. Over the decades, their mini trucks have sold tons of units both locally in Japan and across the border. Like the Hijet, they have been able to smoothly compete in the global scene by offering top alternative vehicles that outranks other competitors such as the pickup trucks and many All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Suzuki has been a trusted brand and the quality of its vehicles speaks for itself. It is one of the best brands you should consider when choosing a good mini truck.

Honda Acty

Honda is a brand that needs no introduction. Although their mini trucks aren’t as popular as the Suzuki Acty and the Suzuki Carry, they are exceptional kei trucks that equally delivers good performance and services that can be counted on. Their sophisticated engineering which has been advancing over the decades has made them a leader which is evident in not only their mini trucks but also in other vehicle models.

When looking for a mini truck to buy, the Subaru Sambar should also been in your list of vehicle models to consider.

Subaru Sambar

Subaru isn’t a new name in the industry and have also been in the race to compete and try to fill up the gaps in the mini truck industry. Their Subaru Sambar which comes in both a combi-like minivan and the kei truck have gotten the public eye and received praise for their performance and reliability.

With all the up-beat features and capabilities like the other models; Hijet, Acty and Suzuki Carry, the Subaru sambar is a vehicle to love.

Final Word:

The Japanese Kei trucks are the way to go if you are looking for a reliable vehicle that will help you carry around loads. There are also dozens of other customized models with these mini trucks and it will depend on what you want to achieve with them. Some of the customized models include skylift and scissor mini trucks which are designed to help you raise loads and cargos to a higher level for easier loading or offloading. They also come in handy when you are doing some construction and other tasks that need to lift someone on higher buildings or poles.

You might want to check out some of the best mini trucks that we have handpicked in our inventory listing page. We are most certain that you will find a used mini truck of your choice there. Get in touch with us for more details and how the vehicle will be shipped to your destination port anywhere.

japanese mini trucks

If you have always needed to haul some cargo then you must have compared different solutions which includes either getting a pickup truck, a mini truck or something else that can help carry the load. The pickup and Japanese mini trucks, better known to many as the Kei trucks are the most reliable and ideal vehicles for running day to day activities that involves carrying small to medium sized loads.

Although these two are good, in many cases, you will have to choose one to go with and in this guide, we will go though some of the difference highlighting the good and the bad of each so that you can make an informed decision on which one to go with. However, before we mull into the difference, let us first go through each of these trucks in detail.

The Pick Up Truck

We all know about pickup trucks. They have been used from the early ages and their performance and dependability has always been evident in the services they provide us. Their evolution over the years has made them better in terms of performance, eco-friendliness and reliability. There are many carmakers who come up with pickup trucks although they vary in models and design.

Carrying loads using pickup trucks is easy, thanks to their hard built body and capabilities that enable this to happen. The 4 wheel drive capabilities which engages all the four wheels also makes it easy to maneuver through harsh terrain conditions and those that normal 2 wheel drive vehicles cannot. Overall, pickup trucks are good vehicles that have helped shape the motor world giving people a good alternative way of carrying around cargo.

The Mini Trucks (Kei Trucks)

Mini trucks (Kei trucks) are natives of the Japanese auto industry and they have been in use for many decades. Made by some of the leading carmakers like the Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Honda, these vehicles have shown phenomenal performance and have been of great service. Like the pickup trucks, their evolution has made them better over the years and the current models are at par with the auto demands while also addressing the ever rising environmental demands.

Also like the pickups, they possess advanced capabilities such as the 4 wheel drive which enables them to move smoothly and effectively through all-weather roads. The mini trucks have become popular and today it is not a surprise to spot one of these vehicles in any street in any country across the globe.

Difference Between Pickup Trucks And Japanese Mini Trucks

Here’s the skinny on how the two vehicle types compare.


Pickup trucks will vary from the make and model but most of them have always shown exceptional services all along. Most of the pickup trucks made by top automakers can be counted on to deliver in almost every field as long as the cargo being carried is within its carrying capacity.

On the other side, the Japanese mini tucks have proven to be invaluable vehicles that offer real value. Characterized by high performing engine capacity, superior drivetrains, the mini trucks have what it takes to take care of any cargo at whatever place it is. Be it carrying produce from the ranch or construction materials to the site, you can always count on them.

Flexibility Of Use

We all love vehicles that does what we wanted them to do. While pickup trucks are flexible and can almost do everything that we would love them to do, there are some areas in which they lack and that is when it comes to carrying some abnormally sized cargos. What the mini trucks does differently is based on how these mini trucks are designed. Mini trucks come in different models based on what you would like to carry. For instance if you would like to carry around abnormally sized cargo, you can use flatbed mini truck which does this easily.

Bed and Box Size

While the pickups have a sufficient bed size, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to be better on this. Mini trucks have a bigger bed size as compared to many pickup trucks. In fact, you will hardly come across a pickup truck that has a bigger or the same size with a mini truck, unless it is custom designed. This makes the mini trucks more reliable when it comes to carrying around bulkier and high volume goods.


We all love to spend less, but also get the best quality and high performing vehicles. There is no debate on the cost as it clear that the mini trucks are priced lower than the pickup trucks. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, then the Japanese mini truck is your best bet.

To put this simply, there is hardly nothing that a pickup truck can do and expect a mini truck to fail. And the fact that you get this at a lower price tag makes it even better. Let’s go through the comparison of the two in detail below:

Final Word:

In many cases, we find ourselves comparing two things that closely compares to each other and in this case, it is the pickup truck and the Japanese mini trucks.

While the pickup trucks are good vehicles, putting them head to head with the Japanese Kei trucks clearly shows that the mini trucks have an upper hand, especially for anyone who is looking for a vehicle that is both affordable and offers good value for the money. You can take some time to go through some for the mini trucks that we have in our inventory and we will give you more details on any that you are interested in. In our listing page, you will comes across mini trucks such as the Subaru Samabar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty. There are also other vehicle types which you may be interested in.

To save you the shipping hassles, we will help you ship the vehicle from Japan to your destination port. This is excellent for you especially if you are still new to the shipping protocols and such things that could get you mixed up.

dump bed mini trucks

If you have been in the auto industry and have been closely watching the trends then you already know about the Kei trucks from Japan. Japanese mini trucks are the new talk of the town these days and this is so because of their incredible performance and cost of getting them. Compared to other vehicle models like the pickup trucks and UTVs. With their 4X4 capability which enables them to maneuver and move through all-weather roads easily, even when carrying cargo.

To help you understand the process of acquiring a 4X4 dump bed mini truck, we have prepared this guide so that we can highlight how one can get a good dump bed mini truck that is worth their investment. Here they are;

Check Under the Hood

The outside appearance doesn’t ‘tell you much when you are looking for a vehicle and the best way to go about this is to keenly look at it before deciding on the vehicle to go with. To get a good vehicle that you have always been looking for, you need to understand that mechanical and other performance features beat the outer appearance. To start with, you need to check how the vehicle starts and idles and this can be done by requesting more information from the Japanese car dealer that you are working with.

Things such as the engine, gear box as well as the wiring and lighting system are some of the most important things to look for before making your purchase. A good and trustworthy dealer will also be willing to do more than you ask from them and will give you clear images and videos if needed. This is an important step when you are looking to get a good flawless vehicle.

Work With Trustworthy Japanese Car Dealers

Something else that you don’t want to mess around with is to deal with just any kind of dealer. There are dozens upon hundreds of dealers who are willing to sell you the vehicle but trusting them is another thing that you should be keen on. You need to understand that there are lots of scammers that you will come across and all of them will do whatever it takes to lure you into their trap.

To distinguish a good car dealer from one that is a scam, you should check the company profile as well as the customer ratings and testimonials. It is easy to smell a scam from a distance by checking whether the company has a bad record or if they have any reputation at all. Following this step will help you to avoid the ever rising scam cases that have been rising.

Consult With An Expert

Sometimes consulting and seeking advice from others who have done it before is very important. This will help you understand the process taken and how to get the vehicle as well as what to avoid ensuring that you don’t get scammed. Among the people that you need to get in touch with includes a shipping expert or a broker. This expert will help you to understand and the process of shipping, the costs to expect as well as give you some advice on what you should do to get the best deals and where to get the vehicle at the best deals.

Consulting with a mechanic or someone who has experience with cars is also something that you wouldn’t like to miss out on, especially if you are still new to the whole grind and know nothing about vehicles.

Negotiate Your Vehicle Purchase

Something that many people always fail to do is to bargain or negotiate the price tag of the vehicle that you come across. What many people don’t realize is that most of the time the costs of the vehicles aren’t fixed and they can get a chance to cut down the cost and get the vehicle at an affordable cost.

So how does one go about negotiating a vehicle? Negotiating and making a deal online is now very easy and as long as you have internet and a few minutes of your time to spare, you could be in for a sweet deal. With the help of online scripts and chat systems, communication has been enhanced and you can easily chat or have a video call where you can discuss the costs among other crucial things about getting the vehicle. If you aren’t good in choosing and negotiating, you can as well have a friend help you or hire a broker to help you get a good deal.

Importing Through Substar Inc

We have been in the auto industry for many years and we have helped many people to find their desired vehicles across the globe. If you are thinking of importing a vehicle from Japan, then you can confidently get in touch with us and we will be glad to help. We specialize in mini trucks, minivans among other vehicles.

If you are also looking for someone to help you get a vehicle through Japanese auctions, then you can get in touch with us and we will help you understand how the whole drill goes down and what to expect before opting for that.

Final Word:

Dump bed mini trucks are among the most common in the Kei truck class. Originally used in Japan for many years, these vehicles have now reached the global market, thanks to their outstanding performance, affordability and reliability. Importing from Japan is also easy and anyone can do that from any corner of the world they may be. With the above guide, you can be rest assured that you will get a vehicle that is both clean and efficient.

Are you looking to import a dump bed mini truck from Japan? If so, you’ll be glad to learn that here at Substar, we give you a chance to go through some of our vetted top performing vehicles that we have inspected before listing them. Check out our listing page to see if you will find the vehicle that you are looking for in our listing. We will also help you to ship these vehicles to your preferred destination port the hassle-free way.

flatbed mini truck

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to carry abnormally sized cargo? For many people who find themselves in such situations, the best way they have always handled it is by hiring some trucking service. But have you ever considered getting a solution that will help you take care of this without much hassle? You should consider getting your own flatbed mini truck, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you have to haul abnormally shaped cargo more often.

Should you consider a flatbed mini truck, then Japan should be among the best places to consider. In this post, we will go through some of the reasons why the Japanese flatbed mini trucks stand out as well as how to get your vehicle shipped stress-free.

Why Japanese Flatbed Mini Trucks?

Of course there are many other options that you can consider, including getting a UTV or a pickup truck, but here are some of the reasons why you should give a serious though to the flatbed Japanese mini trucks.

Affordability Beyond Compare

There are just a lot of vehicles that you can get around which does what the flatbed mini truck can do, but keenly looking at the price tags that each of them come with, you will realize that the Japanese flatbed mini trucks have a plus when it comes to the cost. They are well priced and if you are lucky to find one used one on sale, you will even save more. You can check out our listing page or get in touch with us and we will help you find the perfect flatbed mini truck that you are looking for.

With used vehicles being charged extra rates in Japan, owners are forced to sell their pre-owned vehicles to get newer ones. This opens an easy market where one can acquire an affordable high quality vehicle. Also with the Japanese auction houses busy selling thousands upon thousands of vehicles every day, you will hardly miss a flatbed mini truck. You can count on us to help you find a mini truck or any vehicle from the auctions.

Variety To Choose From

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, having multiple to choose from will always give the buyer a chance to pick a good one from the many flawed ones. Although anyone can get a vehicle from their local car dealerships, not always will you have a chance to compare. This is why opting to import from Japan will come in handy.

With dozens of used Japanese car dealers, you can easily compare and get the best quality flatbed mini truck that you have always wanted. Beyond getting an affordable vehicle through choosing from the many that are available, you also get to compare many other features.

High Performance And Efficiency

If you are like many other people who enjoy performance in a vehicle then you will love used Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are made by some of the leading carmakers in the world who have been making cars for many years. With high technology and engineering you can be rest assured that the vehicle that you are getting offers top notch quality. And not only are these vehicles built for performance but they also mean to last. They are hard-bodied and will just go anywhere and carry almost anything. So, besides carrying abnormal loads, you can count on it to carry medium-heavy cargo as well.

With the availability of the 4 Wheel drive option that you can get from these vehicles, you can be able to maneuver through any kind of roads without any issues at all.

Economical And Easy To Maintain

Do you love vehicles that seep just a little amount of fuel but will take you a long way? The Japanese mini truck is all you need if that is all you yearn for. A lot has gone into the engineering of these vehicles and they have been getting better and better model after the other. The current mini trucks that you will find in today’s market is both economical, and ecofriendly which is also something else that ensures that your vehicle is compliant with the carbon emission standards.

Some of the best-selling flatbed mini trucks include Daihatsu hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty. These are some of the best Japanese mini truck makes that you will come across.

Flexible In Handling Most Types Of Cargo

Flatbed mini trucks having a flat surface to hold cargo will accept many types of goods which aren’t delicate to handle. If you are looking for a vehicle that will help you move things like equipment which are oversized or abnormal in shape and can’t be fitted in dump bed, pickup trucks or any other vehicle, then the flat surface of the flatbed mini truck will come in handy.

Loading and off-loading cargo is also very easy as compared to most of the other vehicle models. This is something that you will love if you usually experience issues of lifting then adjusting cargo before they are hauled. Above this, you can also customize it so that it is easy to easily switch between different types of cargo.

Final Word:

Flatbed mini trucks are some of the best mini trucks that are demanded for across the globe. With the many advantages that these mini trucks come with, you don’t want to miss any of it. They are dependable and reliable when it comes to handling medium weight cargo that any pickup truck can handle.

If you are shopping around for a flatbed mini truck from Japan, then we are your best guys. Having being the industry for many years and being our specialty, we are certain that we will give you a vehicle that you will love. We vet each and every mini truck in our inventory to ensure that each and every feature is spot on. Check out some of the mini trucks and mini cans as well through our listings page. You can get in touch with us to get more details.

buying used cars

Have you recently gone out to shop for a used vehicle? Used vehicles are among the most selling cars these days and that is simply because they are affordable and still offer the same quality. There are however a series of things that many new car buyers make and what they get in turn is a vehicle that doesn’t meet their requirements.

These are the things that one needs to avoid when shopping for a used car and that is the focus that we will cover under this post. Here are 6 of them that you need to watch out for;

Poor Financing And Budgeting

When you go to buy a vehicle, there are a number of things to consider, but the first and foremost that is most important of all is to first make a realistic budget on what you are willing to spend. Making a budget and knowing what you ware willing to spend prior to choosing your vehicle will help you to avoid overspending beyond your expectations. It isn’t unheard of to come across someone who has spent so much on a vehicle beyond their target.

Before buying a vehicle, you should assign some amount also keeping in mind that there are expenses such as servicing the vehicle for the first time, oiling and other things that you can do to make your vehicle in perfect shape. Although this isn’t usually necessary, it is important if you are acquiring a vehicle from sources you are not sure of.

Consider Financing If Available

When buying a vehicle, you should always be sure to take advantage of any perks and advantages that come your way. If you are on a budget but still feel that you cannot do without the vehicle, then the best way to go about such a situation is to opt for a financing option. This will ease the pressure on your wallet and make it easy to acquire you dream vehicle. You will not find financing all over, but it is something that is worth considering especially if the vehicle is costly.

Importing A Vehicle Is Easy And You should Consider

Saving and getting a vehicle at a cheap cost is all what most of us are up to. It isn’t something that is very common though. Most car dealers these days have hiked prices so high that most people opt to stat without. However, if you consider an import option, you are more likely to come across a vehicle that is way cheaper. While many people have always been convinced that importing comes with a lot of hassles and expenses, that is not true. Among the benefits that come with importing from Japan for example is the fact that you will have plenty of varieties to choose from while also getting the chance to buy at affordable costs. The presence of Japanese car auctions which are among the most active car auctions in the world also makes acquiring a vehicle super easy.

Failing To Run A Thorough Inspection

How many times do you double check the vehicle that you are about to buy? Most people do not care or simply assume that what the dealer tells them is exactly as they claim. While it could be true, if you are dealing with a shady company, the opposite could be true. When buying a vehicle, you need to do your due diligence and ensure that the vehicle meets the advertised quality and is also good enough to do what you need from it. Otherwise, you are burning your money for nothing. You need to check under the hood as well and not to just look at the outside appearance of the vehicle. Ask for more details including the mechanical records on the vehicle that you are dealing with.

Failing To Negotiate For A Better Deal

Unless you have plenty of cash to spill, you need to make sure that you are getting a good deal for your money. This comes though negotiating and bargaining to get your vehicle at a reduced cost. Don’t make this mistake which many people do and make sure that you negotiate your vehicle. Today, with technology you can negotiate even if the vehicle is in another country and you can as well get to learn more about the vehicle without necessarily being present at the place. A good example is the chat system in our website. After a customer checks and finds a vehicle from the vehicle listing page, they can easily get in touch with us where someone will respond to their queries through the live support system.  This makes it easy to negotiate and close the deal with the customer knowing what they are getting.

Failing To Compare

What do you do when you are shopping for a particular product in the mall but aren’t sure of the particular products? Of course you will compare it with another one. The same case applies when you are looking for a vehicle and the best way to get the right one is to compare it with the many others available. By doing this, you will be able to filter out those that are faulty and remain with one that fits the bill.

Many people who do not compare end up complaining that they have a vehicle that they didn’t expect forgetting that they could have changed that by making comparisons.

Final word:

Whether you are buying your vehicle locally or importing, these are some of the best things that you should consider. They are however common mistakes that most people make when they are purchasing their vehicle.

If you would like to import a vehicle from Japan, then check out our listing page for some that we have professionally vetted and listed. We deal with any vehicles, but mostly focused on Japanese (Kei) mini trucks and minivans. If you would also like to take advantage of the vehicles on the auctions, then you can get in touch with us and we will help you out. As if that is not enough, we will help you ship the vehicle.

Used Japanese Car Dealer

Have you heard of people importing vehicles from Japan? Nowadays it is a trend for people to get vehicles from Japanese car dealers and this comes as a result of many advantages. However, not always will the process of getting these vehicles be smooth as there are scams and difficulties. Finding the right used Japanese car dealer is as good as finding a good deal. Besides getting a high quality vehicle, you will also be getting a good deal for your money.

This guide is dedicated to providing tips and information that you need to look out for when you are buying a vehicle from Japan.


Reputation is the first thing that you should care about when you are looking for a car. Car dealers will pop up from all over and claim to have the best deals. Many people will be attracted by the tempting offers forgetting to check the reputation and how the car dealer has been operating. Before you trust a car dealer and think of making a deal with them, you need to do a little background check to see how they have been doing in the industry. The good thing is that with today’s technology, running a check on a company has become easy. You can quickly look at the company’s history through the web and find out more details about them.

Another way of gauging a company and determining whether you should trust them is by checking out their online reviews. By looking at other customer’s experiences, you will know if you can trust them and make a deal that you will be happy with.

Shop Around And Compare

Have you ever looked for something that you can’t seem to find from one store to the other? Most of us have gone through this in many cases and it is the best way that we can find the ideal product that we are looking for. Same case applies when it comes to choosing vehicles. If you want to get the best deal and the best quality vehicle, you have to shop around and make comparison from the different car dealers. This will not only help you to save on the cost but also help you to see different variations which in turn guarantee you a quality vehicle.

If you opt to use the internet to find these car dealers, which is ideal when you are buying from another country, then you should peruse through some of the top internet sites to com-pare the vehicle deals. It isn’t unheard of to come across the same vehicle model selling at different prices. This is especially when you are looking at used vehicles.

Transparency & Clarity In The Vehicle Sale

There is a big difference between a company that is reputable and one that is struggling to get known. Transparency and clarity in the way the deal is done is something that is very important and you should consider working with a company that has a clear track record selling vehicles. This will help you to avoid shady companies that are out there to make profits without minding the condition of the vehicle. A good company that you are getting your vehicle from should vet the vehicles and ensure that they are not faulty so that the buyer will buy a vehicle that they can count on. This is not the are with many vehicle dealers and it is upon your due diligence to determine and find a good company that you can trust.

By way of example, here at Substar, we keep everything straightforward and try as much as possible to make sure that our customers get the best of the vehicles that they get from us. We thoroughly go through each vehicle to ensure that they are as described and aren’t faulty in anyway. This is what sets us apart from other Japanese car dealers.

Watch Out For Scams

Something else that you’d want to watch out for are vehicle buying scams which you will come across all the time. There are scammers all over and the vehicle industry isn’t spared as well, but by being cautious, you can avoid them and stay free from them.

Some of the things that you can do to void these scams include;

Checking out for the company age, reputation and whether they have a good record with taking care of their customers. This will hint you on what to expect from the company.

Do not pay to an offshore account that is in a different country other than the one that the car dealer is based. Scammers from all over the globe will try to misrepresent themselves and doing this extra step will help avoid some common scams.

Use an importation broker. There are brokers and agents who are willing to take care of many things such as negotiation to even shipping the vehicle for you if it is in another country. This is a safe way to deal a vehicle since the agents are well aware of the things to avoid.

Seek the help of a friend or a family member who has been through the vehicle buying process. You will learn some things and know what to avoid and what to do to get the best deal on the vehicle that you want to get.

Final Word:

Acquiring a vehicle isn’t as easy as most of us think. This is especially if you are buying a used car or when you are still new to buying cars. To get the best deal you need to work with used car dealers who you can trust and have a good track record of selling vehicles. Although Japan has become the go to place for buying and importing used cars, you need to be cautious to get the best.

Check out some of the vehicles that we have in our inventory. We deal with many vehicles ranging from Japanese mini trucks to minivans. We have vetted every vehicle in our listing page and besides this, we will also help you to ship the vehicle to your preferred destination port.

Japanese used vehicle

Have you been looking forward to importing a vehicle from Japan? Thousands of people across the globe close deals every single day to buy a Japanese used vehicle. There are many reasons why people are flocking to Japan to get these vehicles. Affordability, vehicle reliability and low maintenance are just but a few of the things that one can benefit from with these vehicles. However, in spite the affordable costs, one can still negotiate and acquire the vehicle at a bargain. In this post, we will go through some of the things that you can do to negotiate a Japanese used vehicle and get it at an even lower price.

The tips highlighted below are the art of the deal and some of the best ways to get your dream car without breaking the bank.  Here’s how to go about negotiating that deal;

Consider The Auctions

Japanese car auctions are among the best spots to buy a used vehicle and the good thing is that you don’t have to be physically present to bid on these vehicles. Although it may sound farfetched to get a vehicle without being present, with the help of Japanese car dealers and brokers, this is made super easy. It is not as hard as many of us consider it to be and all you need is a trustworthy partner or a Japanese car dealer who will negotiate and get you the vehicle you need for the cost that you expect it to be.

You will however have to find a good broker that is trustworthy and experienced with the auctions. We have been in the industry and helped hundreds of customers across the globe find their best vehicles and if you are seriously looking for a vehicle through the Japanese auction houses, you can get in touch with us.

Auctions are among the best kept secret when it comes to buying a used vehicle and this is something that you should consider to get affordable vehicles.

Deal With Only Reputable Companies

There are hundreds of car dealers that are in the market who sell the same vehicles. Although the vehicles might be the same, the costs will never be the same. Besides considering shopping around and checking some of the best deals, you should also be working with reputable car dealers. Reputable car dealers who have been in the industry are loved for some reasons and among some of the reasons why they have been going strong is because of their sweet deals. Researching the car dealership that you are working with is the best way to go here. The good thing about doing a background check is the fact that the information is always readily available online. A good company will always have testimonials and positive reviews from other sites.

Buying from experienced Japanese car dealers is therefore a way that you can get a good deal. You can always check out some of the vehicles that we have in our inventory and see some of the best bargain offers they come with. Get in touch with us for more details and how we can help you to ship.

Check To See If There Are Any Bonus Perks

Just like anything that you buy from the store, there are always ways to save when buying vehicles. It may not be in the form of coupons and discounts but things like shipping offers are common when you know where to look. Different car dealers will have various perks and taking advantage of these perks will surely save you tons of cash when acquitting the vehicle. Although they do not come as cash discounts as you would experience with other shopping stuffs, the offers from alternative after services will come in handy.

Among the bonus perks that you will get from buying and importing your vehicle with us is the fact that we ship the vehicle for you. You will not have to go through some crazy shipping protocols and expenses since we have your back on this.

Seek the Help Of An Expert

Sometimes it can get complicated especially if you are importing the vehicle from another country for your first time. Seeking the help of an expert is something that you should consider with weight. What will an expert help you with? Someone who is experienced knows the ins and out of acquiring a vehicle and will always advise on the best way to get deals. If getting an affordable vehicle is something that you have always been interested in then you need to consider consulting before you think of getting your wallet ready.

If you know of anyone who has imported a vehicle from Japan or any other country then they will be helpful in giving you the much needed advice on what to avoid and what to go for. You can also consider getting an import broker who will take care of everything from negotiating to clearing your vehicle at your destination port. Although they will charge you, you can surely save tons of cash by choosing to use them. They are knowledgeable about the importation process and always have shipping offers which can cut your import costs.

Final word:

Hopefully this guide has given you a quick head-start on how to find the best vehicle at an affordable price. With the fact that there are more people who buy used vehicles than new ones, getting a Japanese used vehicle could be a solid idea especially with the many advantages that come with the importation option.

Here at Substar Inc, we deal with used Japanese vehicles, mostly the Japanese (Kei) mini truck and minivans. Although we have dozens of other makes, these are our specialty. You can go through our vehicles in our listing page and pick one that you find perfect for you. After you find your perfect vehicle, you can get in touch with us and we will give you more details including how the vehicle starts and idles among many other things. You’ll be glad to learn that we also help you to ship your purchased vehicle to your preferred destination port.