Japanese Mini Trucks Vs Pick Up Truck

Are you looking to compare the Japanese mini Trucks Vs pick up truck? If you have been keen on the auto industry and always followed the trends, then you must have heard of Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are also known as Kei or Keitora trucks. They are made in Japan by some of the leading car makers like Subaru, Mazda, Daihatsu and Honda. Being a product of some of the leading automakers, they stand out and are very reliable. They are lightweight vehicle and are powered by a smaller engine. However, some people find them to be excellent enough to be compared to the regular pick up trucks. And their admiration and view isn’t farfetched. These vehicles are really great performers. In this Japanese mini truck vs pick up truck comparison guide, we will go through some of the things that separate the two. Here we go:

Overview Of Japanese Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks are a breed of vehicles specially designed to look like pick up trucks and appear lighter. These vehicles have been in development for many decades and each year these vehicles are improved in terms of performance and delivers better. They are excellent and can be used for different purposes. Some people use them to carry lots of cargo such as in construction, for farm produce, hunting among many other things. The versatility it offers is also great.

The Japanese mini trucks are also loved by many people for their affordability and cost efficient nature. When you buy a used Japanese mini truck, you will get a solid vehicle at an affordable cost which is what we all want. This is why they are loved by many people.

Overview Of Pick Up Trucks

Pick up trucks are among the most common vehicles that you will find around. They are global and are made by different car makers. From Ford to Toyota, these vehicles are all over. And in terms of reliability, they stand out and deliver good results. There is always continuous production of pick up trucks across the globe. There is huge demand and love for pick up trucks. Modern pick up trucks are powered by big horsepower engines which ensures great torque and offer ultimate performance. Despite being costly, many people still find the pick up truck to offer good value for the money.

Comparison Of Japanese Mini Trucks Vs Pick Up Truck

Now that we have seen the two vehicle types, let us delve into comparing the Japanese mini trucks Vs pick up truck.

Performance & Reliability

A vehicle is defined by what it can offer. This is measured by the performance and everything that it can provide. This depends on how the vehicle has been engineered. The Japanese mini trucks in general are made by some of the world’s leading automakers which are all based in Japan. Knowing the Japanese vehicles engineering by their automobile standards, the performance and reliability that you will find in the kei trucks is awesome.

As for the pick up trucks, there is a wide range in terms of the automakers that produce the pick ups. This simply means that the quality of these vehicles and their performance isn’t precise but different from one model to the other. However, a vast majority are high performing and reliable. To conclude with this, the high engine power in a pick up truck would come in handy when you are carrying large and very heavy loads. However if you plan on a vehicle that is to be used for regular usage in hauling light to medium heavy loads, the kei truck will offer the bets bang for the buck.

Cost Of Acquisition

In all honesty, the price tag on vehicles keep rising by the day and this is tough for some people. Many people have for instance preferred to go with used vehicles which are cheaper to acquire as compared to brand new ones. Nobody wants to spend too much money especially when they see that they are not using the vehicle for a lot of commercial purposes.

Used Japanese mini trucks for instance are very cheap to get. In fact it costs a fraction of what the pick up trucks sell for. Of course you may opt to go for a second hand pick up truck. But you will be surprised to learn that the Japanese mini trucks still come at a fraction. If you are therefore looking for a vehicle that will serve you well and still comes at a price to beat, then Japanese mini truck should be on top of your list.

Stability & Maneuverability

Both the Japanese mini trucks and pick up trucks are made with 4X4 capabilities. This makes maneuverability off road much easier. The general stability of these vehicles are excellent by market standards. If you are carrying loads through a rugged road, then both of these vehicle will work fine for you.

The Japanese mini trucks will beat the pick up trucks in maneuvering roads that are impassable. This is simply because it is lightweight and moreso with the 4X4 capability. Although the pick up trucks have the 4X4 capability as well, their heavy body makes them less maneuverable. They easily stuck in the mud and also hard to maneuver with.

Final Word:

Choosing the perfect vehicle is sometimes tricky. You have to do a lot in terms of extensive research to figure out which one you should invest in. Two of the most common vehicles in the industry are kei trucks and pick up trucks. They are meant and designed to carry loads. However, they differ in carrying capacity mostly due to their engine sizes.

In this Japanese mini truck vs pick up trucks post, we’ve outlined some top differences between the two. This should help you choose the right one. In general, the Japanese mini truck emerges victor for a number of reasons. Be sure to check some of the Japanese mini trucks in our listing page and get the right one. We will help you get the vehicle shipped wherever you are across the globe.

Japanese Mini Truck What to Expect When Driving One

Japanese mini trucks are vehicles that are also called kei truck, Keitora or micro truck. They are very similar to standard pickup trucks but they come with few unique features such as their compact size and powerful four-stroke engine. They are built by Daihatsu, Subaru, Mazda, and Suzuki which are the leading automakers. In this guide, we will go through some of the things you would expect when driving a Japanese mini truck. Are they really as good as people claim? Or is it just hype? We will help you find out if you should get a Japanese mini truck.

Overview OF Japanese Mini Trucks

The Kei truck, or Japanese mini truck is a miniature pickup truck that is smaller than a full-sized pickup. It is manufactured to be affordable and meet the emissions guidelines in Japan.

The Japanese mini truck is a 4 wheel drive utility vehicle that has very good off road capability. The truck can be driven in conditions such as snow, swamps, muddy fields and various other tough terrains. You may get the most common single cab models or the modern double cab one. Having two or four doors would allow you to carry your friends and family.

The small Japanese mini trucks have characteristics that make it appealing to use on the streets. These vehicles come with a small body, light weight and high maneuverability. This is the key reason why Japanese mini trucks are popular in some countries. Japanese Mini Trucks are a perfect fit for the outdoor person that is looking for the most bang for their buck. They can do everything your full size pickup or SUV can do and they have the flexibility to go where other vehicles simply cannot.

For the outdoor person they are perfect because they often have a positive locking 4 wheel drive system, sleeping and working systems, pull out cooking stoves, camping setups and off road equipment. The list goes on as to what you can use them for outside of just your typical day to day driving needs.


A Japanese mini truck is a car in Japan that complies with Japanese Government regulations for size, engine displacement and other specifications. They are known as Keitora in Japanese. Mini trucks is a name given to small pickup trucks in the US because of their size.

Japanese mini trucks are perfect for farms, cabins, stables, big yards and anywhere a small truck can be use. If you are therefore looking for a vehicle that is Eco-friendly and reliable, then the kei trucks are the best option in the light weight vehicles class.

Efficiently Lightweight Body

The Kei truck is a small pickup truck that has been produced since the early 1960s, which measures about 4m long, 1.5m wide and 1.8m high, with a small engine (often 660cc). But don’t be fooled by their lightweight nature as they have proven to be very efficient. Whichever mini truck you go for regardless of the maker, you surely will not be disappointed.

This compact pickup truck from a Japanese manufacturer was built for the Japanese market and to conform to Japanese government regulations. These regulations stipulated that trucks be no larger than 10.8 ft long, 4.9 ft wide, 5.2 ft high.

Versatile & Dependable

Do you need to haul away your junk? Move mulch and soil with ease? Or maybe get rid of debris from a construction site? Japanese mini trucks can do all that. The versatility that these lightweight vehicles offer is hard to beat.

These trucks are built for durability and safety. They can be used to haul farm produce, livestock and or to help you around the house. These small trucks have a bright future in the off road world. You can transform them into dune buggies or even 4×4 trucks!

They are fun vehicles with a small, compact body. They have larger engines that enable them to carry and tow more than other similarly sized vehicles. Due to their size, kei truck and mini trucks are great for moving around the streets and for maneuvering in rugged off-roads where most vehicles wont easily go. They are also a lot of fun to drive due to their unique style.

Affordable & Good Fuel Economy

Many people love Japanese mini trucks for their reliability yet affordability. Japanese mini trucks cost less than other vehicles in the same class and are also easy to maintain. A number of companies in almost all sectors uses Japanese mini trucks for their operations. Japanese mini trucks are relatively small but come with a powerful engine.

Buying a Japanese mini truck makes a lot of sense if you want an affordable vehicle that’s still reliable. Today there are hundreds of different mini trucks available, offering a wide range of features and capabilities, but Japanese mini trucks are known for their style and reliability.

Whether you want to transport lumber, survey a job site, or hit the open road, this sport-utility truck is perfect for you. Though it may be small, the benefits are big: Powerful 4-stroke engine and manual shift transmission for optimal power transfer, High driving position for great visibility, Bull bar with projector headlamps & brush guard for added safety and security, Telescopic ladder and swing-up spare wheels for increased utility capability among other upbeat features. It gives you the best bang for the buck.

Final Word:

The Japanese mini trucks are designed to be small, inexpensive, and easy to drive. With many Japanese mini trucks produced for over 50 years, these vehicles are available in a wide range of styles and models. While these mini trucks handle well on the road, they can also seamlessly climb up hills. Regardless of the nature of business or usage, these vehicles are guaranteed to deliver beyond expectations.

Doubts aside, the Japanese mini trucks stand out and are the ultimate pick up trucks alternative. If you are therefore looking to get one of these Japanese kei trucks, then you should definitely check out some in our listing page.

Where To Buy Japanese Mini Truck

There is a rising trend with the use and acquisition of the Japanese mini truck vehicles. This is not only in Japan but also in the US, Canada New Zealand and pretty much any other place. There is a reason for this, and it is simply because of the great performance and dependability that one gets. They are vehicles made by some of the leading automakers. This is also as a result of many years of engineering and unmatched craftsmanship. That said, you need to get yourself a Japanese mini truck. But how and where? In this guide, we will help you figure out where to buy Japanese mini truck that will not disappoint.

But before we delve onto that, below are some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks, stand out.

Why Japanese Mini Trucks Are Good

There are some things that makes the kei trucks otherwise known as Japanese mini trucks unbeatable. Below are some of them that you need to keep in mind.

Unmatched Class Performance

Japanese mini trucks are the ultimate lightweight vehicles that would be the perfect alternative for pick up trucks. They can be used to carry pretty much anything that the pick up truck can carry. The only limitation being it’s carrying capacity. However, it has proven to be very useful in dealing with everyday tasks. Where it would be costly and less cost-efficient to use a truck or a regular pick up truck, the kei truck has excelled.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The fact that these vehicles are made with smaller engines means that they consume less fuel. This is a much welcomed vehicle in a world where fuel prices skyrocket every time. You can therefore cover more distance carrying lots of load without spending so much on fuel. If you are therefor looking for a vehicle that takes less fuel yet delivers, then the kei truck is the vehicle to go for.

Sturdy Durable Construction

The craftsmanship on the kei trucks is on another level. Nowadays it is hard t find a solidly built vehicle that is durable. Most of the carbon fiber bodies fall apart after few years of usage. However, it is common to come across a Japanese mini truck that is 40 years old and still running like it is brand new. This is therefore a vehicle worth investing on.

Little Maintenance & Available Spares

Have you ever had a vehicle that demands attention of a mechanic all the time? If you have had to spend a lot of time in the garage trying to fix a fault after another, then you need a Japanese mini truck. This vehicle has not only been built to last but to also serve you without breaking easily. It is for this reason that we recommend going for the little maintenance Japanese mini truck with a proven track record in maintenance.


Nobody loves to spend too much money on a vehicle. But this is proving to be hard since most of the reliable vehicles that are available in the market do not come cheap. But that is not the case with the used Japanese mini trucks. They are comparable to the pick up trucks yet still come at a fraction of what the standard trucks come at. It is also advisable to go for the used second hand kei trucks which will give you value for the money.

Where To Buy Japanese Mini Truck

So, where do you find a Japanese mini truck to buy? Are these vehicles easy to come across? Below, we outline some of the best places on where to buy Japanese mini truck vehicles easily.

Classified Websites

Classified websites have been around long enough to be used to find stuffs that are on offer or on sale. Whether it is furniture or cars, the classified websites have proven to always be useful. Contrary to what many people may think of these sites as old, they are still very useful. Some of the best classified such as Gumtree or Craigslist have been around and still have millions of daily visitors flocking in them to either sell or buy stuff. There re also many people who buy their Japanese mini truck and with the categories, you can easily browse and find your kei tuck.

Local Car Dealerships

Yet another golden but useful approach is to use the local car dealerships. It is as easy as going down the local dealership that sells used vehicles and you can easily come across the kei truck. You can visit as many yards to increase your chances of getting the Japanese mini truck that you are looking for. With that said, this is something that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Consider Importing The Mini Truck

One thing that the above methods of acquiring kei trucks fall short is with the availability and variety of options that you will have. It is always good to have enough a kei truck that gives you all the features and is as functional as new. The only way that gives you a guarantee on the vehicle that you are getting is to use a marketplace that is big and offers you a variety to choose from. This is the importation option.

Importing the mini truck from Japan will obviously give you many options since you can compare from a variety. Imagine browsing hundreds of options to find the right one. And even better you can get one for your budget. And importing isn’t as hard as it used to be. With the web, you can browse options online and communicate with the sellers and have them shipped.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks are the ultimate lightweight vehicles that are alternative to pick up trucks. With high performance, excellent capabilities and deliverability, you can always count on them to deliver.

You can check some that we have in our Japan based used car yard. Japanese mini trucks are our specialty and we have helped thousands of users have the vehicles shipped to them regardless of their country or state.

Who Should Buy Japanese Mini Trucks?

The Japanese mini trucks stand out from other vehicles in the industry, and this is to say that they have become very popular. These vehicles are made by some of the leading automakers in the globe. Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Mazda are some of the popular brands making these types of vehicles. So who should buy Japanese mini trucks? And are they worth investing in? This guide will take you through understanding the different purposes and uses highlighting some of the popular use cases that the kei trucks can be used for.

But before going through the several use-cases where these vehicles are useful, let us first go through the reasons why these vehicles and who Japanese mini trucks.

Why Choose Japanese Mini Trucks?

Below are some of the reasons why the Japanese kei trucks stand out and is sometimes considered the perfect alternative to Pick up trucks. Here is why you need the vehicles;

Excellent Performance & Reliability

If there is one thing that many people always aspire when they are getting a new car, it has to be the performance and reliability that they offer. The Japanese mini trucks are made from decades of experience and with the stiff competition of the automakers making them, they have improved and seen better days throughout the years. The models and versions that we have today are amazing and their performance and reliability is hard to beat. With that in mind it is justified to say that they are excellent in their own class and really worth considering investing in one of these vehicles. So, if you are looking for a reliable yet durable vehicle, this is the perfect one to go for.

Durable & Dependable

Don’t we all want vehicles that will last long giving us good service over the years. Of course we do. And the perfect vehicle that will not let you down is the Japanese kei truck. There is every reason why you need to put your money on these kei trucks and you surely will not have any regrets. They are seen being used in different areas such as for farm produce, construction among many others. And despite the difficult nature of such jobs, the kei truck endures. This is all thanks to the body and frame structure which is meticulously built.

Fuel Efficient

Nowadays vehicles gets improved, with big engines, higher torque and power. However, one thing that is not getting better is the rate at which these vehicles consume fuel. Many of the modern trucks such as the standard pick up truck guzzles a lot. And for anyone who is concerned, there is a reason to look for an alternative. Not only does the Japanese kei truck stand out to be the perfect competitor, but considering it has a way smaller engine, you can expect it to consume less fuel. But don’t be fooled to think that it is any other light vehicle. The Japanese kei truck will blow your mind the flexibility and capability it comes with.


Yet another thing that you will realize besides the high cost of fuel is that vehicles keep gettign expensive. If you are looking for a way around that then you better start looking at the Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles cost a fraction of what the standard pick up trucks are going for. And that is yet another great reason why you should be gettign them. The older the better in terms of costs for obvious reasons. However, you can find a well maintained kei truck that performs like a brand new vehicle. And if you need a vehicle for light duties, you really do not need the power that the highly priced pick up trucks offers.

Who Should Buy Japanese Mini Trucks?

There are many uses that one can use the Japanese mini trucks for. Below we show you who should buy Japanese mini trucks by highlighting their popular uses.

Carrying Farm Produce

There are instances that one is in a position to carry farm produce among other similar agricultural goods. Whether to and from the market or the farm. And in such a case where you don’t have access to any other vehicle like the pick up truck, you can always opt to use a Japanese kei truck. The 4X4 model of the kei trucks will even go to areas where no other vehicle can go with ease.

Snow Plowing

If you live in an area where snow is common, then you may want to consider getting a Japanese kei truck and mount a simple plow. IT is a rising trend and people living in snowy places are finding these vehicles to be very useful. There are also find some that are already customized with a snow plow.


These vehicles having all that is needed to operate in a remote or off-road terrain. They have find good uses as hunting vehicles. So, if you despise an ATV and want a light vehicle that offers excellent maneuverability in the jungle, this is the kind to go for.

Final Word

There is absolutely no reason why the Japanese mini truck doesn’t deserve to be called one of the best. They have stood the test of time and proven that they are the vehicles to beat. On the question of who should buy Japanese mini trucks, it is simply anyone who needs to carry some cargo, whether regularly or occasionally. The vehicle can also be used for regular traveling.

So, how does someone get a Japanese mini truck for sale? Well, it is simple. One can shop around their local dealership. Or even better, import it themselves which is more advantageous since you will have more options to chose from. You can check out some on sale through our listing page. We have plenty of them in our Japan sales yard and if there is any that you are interested in, we will help you to have it shipped. Hopefully, this has helped you to to understand who should buy the Japanese mini trucks.

Which IS The Best Kei Truck To Buy?

Japanese mini trucks have become very popular, not just because they are an affordable alternative to pick up trucks. But there is a whole lot to know and love in the mini trucks. So, how much do you know about the Japanese mini trucks, also known as Kei trucks? The first thing that you need to know is that there multiple brands when we talk of the Japanese mini trucks. To name some of the most popular ones, there is the Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Samba and Mazda Scrum. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through the differences and try as much as possible to give distinctions between these vehicles and also help you choose which is the best kei truck to buy.

Why Japanese Mini Trucks Stand Out

Japanese mini trucks stand out and are a result of many decades of engineering. They are made by some of the leading automakers in the global automobile industry. With that in mind, you can attest to the high quality that these vehicles offer. Below are some of the outstanding reasons why people love these kei trucks.

High Performance

One of the things that one should always look out for when they are getting a vehicle, whether brand new or used is to ensure that the vehicle offers the performance that they need. And if the vehicle cannot offer that, then you are simply not getting your money’s worth. With the case of the Japanese mini trucks in general, you will be blown away by the high performance that these vehicles can get you.

The high quality craftsmanship and ingenious mechanical work that has been improving for decades speaks for itself. These are the breed of vehicles that you should be getting if you are looking for a high performance vehicle that squeezes efficiency to its best.

Reliable & Dependable

The construction from the frames, chassis, to the entire mechanics that the kei trucks are made with ensures that you get all the reliability that you could ever want from a vehicle. The vehicles can be used for different purposes and some people have even customized them so that they can be used in different purposes. Some of the work that you will find the kei trucks customized to do is to be used as flat-bed carriers, for hunting and you will find them commonly used in the winter with a snow plow in front. So, there is really no use you couldn’t throw at the Japanese mini trucks.

It is worth also mentioning that there are 4-wheel drive versions of these kei trucks which will even give you better results when you are working or carrying loads off-road and where roads are really bad.

Affordable Yet Competitive

Another reason why many people love the Japanese mini trucks is because they are affordable. Everyone loves to save. However, not always do you get a high performance vehicle coming cheap. Take the pick up trucks for instance. They are incredible vehicles for sure, but they never come cheap. And with the performance, endurance and reliability that the Japanese mini trucks offer, you are getting a bang for the buck.

So, if you are looking for a good quality and dependable vehicle that is affordable, Japanese mini truck is one that you can’t beat.

Low Maintenance

How much attention does the vehicle you are getting need to be attended to by a mechanic? If your vehicle will be spending more time at the mechanic and repair shop then that’s wrong. It should be out there working, then it isn’t worth buying. That said, you need to make sure that what you are getting will deliver. As for the Japanese mini trucks, they do not demand a lot. These vehicle’s have been engineered to deliver and also to last long. Nothing has been left to chance since you can find old Japanese mini trucks working like it is brand new.

With all that said, it is justified to say that you cannot go wrong with a Japanese mini truck. Be sure to get one either by importing or getting it locally. Check out some that we have in our listing page also.

Low Fuel Consumption

Are you in the market looking for a vehicle that consumes less fuel and gives you good performance and efficiency? If so, the Kei trucks will surely impress you. With only little fuel, you can go far and also do a lot of work. Whether you are looking to carry lots of loads that ranges from construction materials, manure, fertilizers or farm produce, you can be rest assured that these vehicles will be there to take care of that. This is something that you will hear many kei truck owners attesting to. So, this is the vehicle that you should be getting to save more on fuel. Unlike the pick up trucks that will guzzle a lot of fuel for a short distance.

Which IS The Best Kei Truck To Buy?

Having looked at the good side of the Japanese mini trucks in general, let us get back to the question. Which is the best kei truck to buy? Which one is worth the investment?

One thing that you ought to note is that these mini trucks also come in different models. You will find the most common ones to be between the 1986 to 1996 models. These vehicles stand out in terms of deliverability and frankly, it is hard to distinguish them from any point. Something to note though is that the most popular mini trucks are the Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty. So if you really have to choose one based on their popularity, then you can pick from those three. But honestly, they are closely matched.

Be sure to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks on sale on our website vehicle listing page. I’m certain you will find one and we can even help you ship it to your country or state.

Japanese Mini Truck 4×4 For Sale – Finding The Perfect Deal

The auto industry is full of vehicle models and among the top emerging vehicles is the Japanese mini trucks. The increasing use and its trend is based on many factors such as the high cost of vehicle acquisitions among other things. But how much do you know about the Japanese mini truck 4X4 vehicles?

One thing for sure that is known by many people is that they are exceptionally good at performance and will deliver. In many instances, they have been compared to the regular pick up trucks. And whether they are a perfect alternative, many people find them to meet their regular demands. In this guide, we will go through the Japanese mini truck 4X4 and try to figure out why they are highly coveted and whether it is worth getting them.

Why Buy Japanese Mini Truck 4×4

There are some top reasons why the Japanese mini truck vehicles stand out and below, we will go through some of them. They will help you to better understand the Japanese kei trucks and why they stand out.

Efficiency & Economy

One of the things that one should be looking out for when they are buying a new vehicle is how efficient that particular vehicle is. It should be able to give them the value for the money they have spent. The Japanese mini truck 4X4 or even the regular 2-wheel kei truck will not disappoint for sure. They are designed and manufactured by some of the leading companies in automobile technologies and advanced engineering. It is these aspects that makes the Japanese mini trucks desirable and loved by many.

Heavy Duty & Durable Build

We all want a vehicle that can last for a long time, and the construction is all that defines the durability and life of that vehicle. The Japanese mini truck 4X4 have been designed with this in mind. This is why you can find a 30 year old Japanese mini truck that runs and operates like it is brand new. Everything from the chassis to the body work has been meticulously designed and made to last long while delivering excellent service to the owner. So, if you had your doubts, then you better know that these vehicles will last long.

Reliable Anywhere

Flexibility is yet another thing that these vehicles will guarantee you. Whether you are planning on using it to carry lightweight goods or heavy loads, it will do. As long as it is within its carrying capacity limits, it will deliver. This is regardless of the terrain or bad state of the roads simply because it has 4X4 functionality. This simply means that the vehicle can engage all the four wheels giving it better stability and improved mobility. This way it doesn’t easily get stuck in mud and can easily maneuver bad terrains and off-roads.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance can be a real pain when it comes to handling and taking care of the car. But not for the Japanese mini truck 4X4. The vehicle has been designed to outperform many in the industry, thanks to decades of engineering experience. If you have always been looking for a low maintenance car that demands less from the mechanic, then this is the way to go. Many people would swear by the mechanics and the dependability that they get from these vehicles. This is one solid reason why you shouldn’t look any other way. After all it is very easy to find these vehicles. You can even get in touch with us and we will help you get a good one.

Excellent Fuel Economy

In a world where the fuel prices are always going up, it is always important to ensure that you can get the right vehicle that consumes less. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot on fuel to use the vehicle. The comparison of the Japanese mini truck 4X4 with the pick up trucks also comes in here. Pick up trucks that are made these days are big guzzlers. They consume a lot of fuel because of their large engines. But in most times you don’t need a lot of horsepower and would just be okay with a small lightweight vehicle. And the perfect candidate for that is the Japanese mini truck.

The power and performance of the kei truck should never be underestimated. And the good thing besides delivering is that it consumes very little fuel yet goes a long way.

Affordable & Best Value For Money

The high price tag of acquiring new vehicles these days has made many people think of alternatives. For instance if you were looking to invest in a pick up truck, for some people, they may find them to be so expensive. But why should you get a pick up truck when you can get an affordable Japanese mini truck 4X4 and have the job well done?

For many people this is the way to go since they get a bang for their buck.

Final Verdict

For a light vehicle to be compared to a heavy pick up truck, it has to be well engineered, and the Japanese mini truck 4X4 is that vehicle. Many people love the performance, deliverability and the heavy duty nature of these vehicles. And with their popularity and every rising popularity, perhaps it is time to try them out. You can find different make and models of the Japanese mini trucks. Some of the most popular ones being Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Mazda Scrum.

So, how do you find a Japanese mini truck 4X4 for sale? Well, there are a lot of them out there and you can always find them even in your local dealership. However, quality always matter and the best thing that you need to consider is the import option. And importing something like a vehicle isn’t as hard as it used to be a decade ago. Everything including paperwork can be done online.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini truck 4X4 trucks in our listing page and we will help you with the shipping process no-matter where you are.

Kei Trucks in Winter

Having Kei Trucks in Winter can be a challenge. With the cold weather, there are things which should be addressed. Careful consideration should be made to ensure that the vehicle’s engine, battery, and fluids are properly maintained. Before the winter weather sets in, ensure that you know the areas which will require maintenance. If you want to know the areas to address for Kei Trucks in Winter, read on.

Kei Trucks in Winter need to be maintained to run properly. Image of a Kei truck in snow.

Reduce ice damage

The first thing that you will need to do for your Kei truck is to reduce the likelihood of ice damage to your vehicle. One way in which you can do this is by using a car tarp or cover. Because of the small size of the Kei truck, you may use an ATV cover for the winter months.

Ensure that the cover that you choose covers your vehicle completely and that there are no loose edges. Should you find that you have loose corners, you will need to secure those loose edges to prevent any water and ice accumulation. If possible, store your Kei Truck in a warm and dry environment when not in use during winter.

Check your coolant and other fluids

Kei trucks are susceptible to freezing liquids. It is paramount that you check the fluids in the Kei truck before freezing weather sets in. Specifically, you will need to check the coolant in the Kei truck. The coolant should be at the proper level. You will want to ensure that the antifreeze to water ratio is correct. Should you have too much water in the antifreeze, it could lead to freezing within the radiator.

Should you find that the combination of antifreeze to water is not ideal, it is advised that you flush the system and add in new coolant. Kei trucks are small and so this process is not too expensive. If you do not know how to flush the system, take your Kei truck to any major mechanic.

Apart from checking the coolant, you should also check the other fluids in your Kei. Take note to change out the oil if it has been a while. Fresh oil is less likely to have grime and debris which can clog up the engine in the winter months.

Change your wiper blades for better drivability

If you will drive your Kei in the winter months, it is critical that you have ideal drivability. Consider using water deterring coatings on your windshield. Have new wiper blades put onto your Kei to help with visibility. You should not use the blades to clear ice from your windshield. Check your defrost on your Kei (if that option is available) to ensure that it works properly.

Depending upon the generation of Kei truck, you may also have the option of heated side mirrors. Any device which is heated or provides relief from the cold should be checked prior to any freezing weather.

Consider lifting your Kei

Because of the proximity to the ground, if you live in an area which receives snow, lift your Kei Truck. Lift Kits allow for you to raise the vehicle anywhere between 2 and 6”. The kits are relatively easy to install and can allow you to gain the extra clearance that you need to prevent the underbody of the vehicle from scrubbing the snow.

Besides the higher clearance from the ground, lifted Kei trucks can have thicker tires. The larger tires provide better traction in snow and inclement weather than the standard thin trucks. Also, because of the lift, when combined with the larger tires, the Kei increases the safety of the drive. This is done through better visibility, easier steering, and lower risk of snow/debris accumulation under the vehicle.

Check the tires

Winter months cause fluctuations in the tire pressure of your Kei Truck. Ensure that you have the proper air pressure in your tires. Regardless of whether you use larger tires during winter, you should have the proper pressure. If you do not use larger tires, consider using chains or other methods of winterizing your tires.

Check all of your tires treads before operating your vehicle during the winter. Treads should not be smooth. Smooth treads may cause drifting and sliding on ice and snow. Also, there should be no bulging or bubbles on the side of the tire. This is an indicator that the tire is weak. Tires should be in pristine condition to avoid collisions and blowouts and to maximize drivability.

Have the battery tested

Perhaps one of the biggest precautions that you can take is with the battery. Batteries are fickle with the cold. Check the battery to ensure that there is ample power and life left within it for the winter. Change out the battery or re-charge it. Kei truck batteries are not expensive, so any signs that your battery may be weak should be taken as an indicator that a new one is needed.

Regardless of the power that you have, take precautions for your Kei Truck battery. Have jumper cables in the truck to provide power with an emergency.

Warm up your engine

Many of the Kei trucks are from older generations where the technology to start and drive a vehicle was just not present. Therefore, give your engine time to warm up. You do not want to operate the vehicle if the engine is cold. This could cause for the engine to seize up and for major problems to occur. Usually, you only need about ten minutes for the engine to be ready to drive. However, check your oil temperature gauge to know. The gauge should read in the middle (neither hot nor cold) before you drive.

Kei Trucks in Winter like this camo kei in snow

Kei Trucks in Winter

Kei trucks can provide you with the transportation that you need during the winter months. Ensure that you adhere to proper safety and maintenance before the cold weather sets in. As with any vehicle, should you have concerns about the safety or the functioning of your vehicle, bring the Kei Truck to a licensed mechanic.

Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles – Which is better

Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles can both be considered when looking for a small economical car. Both vehicles are similar in their aesthetic. But does this mean that both are the same? They are not. Fundamental differences between the two affect the drivability and functionality of the car or truck chosen. Before you purchase your small automobile, it is important that you know some of the key differences between the two. If you are considering purchasing a Kei Truck or Mini Vehicle, read on.

Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles which is best? Orange Kei truck shown.

Where is the power?

The first thing to consider when looking at your next vehicle is the power source. Specifically, know where the engine is placed within the vehicle. On Mini Vehicles, meaning the small vehicles which are on the market domestically, the engine is always in the front. Small vehicles adhere to the layout of full-size vehicles. You have the engine in the center front and the battery against the framework.

Kei trucks are different with the engine placement. Depending upon the generation that you choose and the brand that you consider, the engine could be in various places. Most common is in the front, under the driver’s seat. Access to the engine is conducted by lifting the seat in which it is under.

Some models have the engine in the rear. Other vehicles, mainly the newer generations, have the engine at the front. It is important that you know where the engine is on the Kei truck, as this will save you from frustrations when trying to find the battery. The battery is always within proximity of the engine against the framework.

Power options

Once you have located the engine, the next consideration between the Kei Trucks of Mini Vehicles is the power that the engine produces. Small vehicles have more power, providing about 134 to 189hp. This allows for higher speeds when on the road. The Kei trucks do not produce the same amount of power. Again, depending on the generation and the model, the power will fluctuate.

The small engines of the Kei are primarily a 668cc to 698cc engine. This allows for speeds of up to 89mph. But if you choose an older model, you will have lower power options. For example, first-generation models have a 356cc engine which only allows speeds of up to 45mph. Choose the Kei truck, which best suits your needs. If you are looking for a more modern engine with substantial power, a Suzuki Carry or the Subaru Sambar may be the best option for you, as both have upgraded their engines recently.


There is a big difference in the Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles when it comes to the transmission options. Most of the mini trucks and cars on the market have an automatic transmission. This allows you to have various options, usually 6 speeds. Manual may be offered, but there is no loss of the transmission options, meaning you get a 5 or 6-speed manual shift transmission.

Kei vehicles have variables between the manual and the automatic transmission. For the manual transmission, the speeds are usually 4 to 5-speed. Automatic transmissions are 3 to 4 speed on most of the models available.

Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles? Kei trucks have less seating options like this white Kei Truck.

Seating differences of the Kei Truck and Mini Vehicles

While both vehicles look similar, there are differences in how they drive and the comfort of the drive. For the mini-vehicle, the seating is usually 2 to 4 persons. Some of the larger mini vehicles have storage in the back. Access to this storage is typically through a hatchback door. Where it may be labeled as a mini-vehicle, the size of the cars and trucks tends to be larger than the Kei, being labeled mini only because they are smaller than their full-size counterparts.

Kei trucks, and vans are small for a reason. They are specifically designed for the functionality of getting from point A to point B. All the extra stuff that you find in larger vehicles has been cut out. The seating in a Kei is 2 person, unless the vehicle has been converted to a van or camper. Where the vehicle has been converted, you may seat up to 6 people. Kei trucks do not have storage space because the trucks have a bed that can be used for such. If the vehicle has been converted to a van or camper, the same hatchback access as the small vehicle comes into play.

Drivability differences

Mini vehicles are designed for the street and city. As stated earlier, they are the smaller counterpart of the larger vehicles in their class. Therefore, you can expect the performance of the drive to be like that of the full-size option. Most of the vehicles are not designed for off-road use, making it hard to navigate in smaller spaces or on terrain. And while there is an ability to handle some hills, you may find that there is a bit of strain when you come to steep inclines when operating a mini vehicle.

Kei trucks are different in their drivability. Because of their small design and how the vehicle’s weight is distributed, the Kei truck is suitable for off-road and in-city use. The small design makes it great for navigating alleyways and small streets. But the design also allows for terrain navigation. Most Kei trucks can handle inclines of up to 20ᵒ.

Which is better Kei Trucks or Mini Vehicles?

It depends on what you need. If you need to have a fast vehicle for the highways and byways of the city, then a mini vehicle is the best option for you. However, if you wish to have a cheaper vehicle (usually a few thousand dollars cheaper) that is great for in the city and off-road use, the Kei truck may be the best option for you.

Check with the local taxation and importation authority to find out more about any state ordinances for Kei trucks before purchasing.

Kei Truck Engines

When looking at the various mini truck brands, you note the engines vary over the generations. The locations change. Knowing a bit about Kei Truck Engines will help you with the overall maintenance and repair of your vehicle over the years. Should you wish to find out more about Kei Truck Engines, read on.

Kei Truck Engines vary depending upon the generaion.

The early standard

Kei Trucks are limited as to the power and the size of the overall truck. Therefore, the engines of the first generation Kei trucks are far lower than that of the current generations. Standard for the first generation were 356cc 2-stroke engines. There were a few models, such as the Mitsubishi Minicab, which had a 359cc and the Subaru Sambar, which has a 365cc engine. However, these are still rather small, providing about 21hp.

It is important to understand that the former models of the Kei truck were intended for in city driving, primarily for short runs. As the models were produced in the early 60s to 70s, the speeds and the technology which we have today were not present.

Current Engines

Current engines for most models are 658cc. This produces a substantially greater hp than that of prior generations. Models such as the Daihatsu Hijet have a 659cc and a 998cc engine currently available. Honda Acty has a 545cc engine. The Mitsubishi Minicab has a full electric model known as the Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV. New engines allow for various transmission set ups. While the early generations were primarily 3 speed manuals, the new models allow for 4 or 5-speed manual with the automatic transmission reaching 4 speeds.

The overall power produced by the modern engines allows for speeds up to 60 mph. This should be considered the high end of the spectrum. In most instances, the speeds remain in the mid-40s to 50s. Considering that these vehicles are primarily for off-road and agricultural uses, this speed is sufficient.

Engine location

There are three locations where the engine can be located. First and the most popular location is the middle of the vehicle underneath the driver or the passenger’s seat. This is the location for most of the older models, such as the Subaru Sambar and the Suzuki Carry. You find that as the generations for the models have progressed, the engine location has changed. Specifically, in the 70s, Kei trucks sought to mimic the style of full-sized vehicles such as the Volkswagen. Therefore, the engines moved to the rear of the vehicle. Modern generations have put the engine back under the passenger seat or at the front of the vehicle, keeping the bed of the truck a separate entity from the cab.

Purchasing a Kei Truck

Even though the engines in the Kei trucks are less powerful than that of a full-sized truck or SUV, they still have the performance and the functionality of a truck. What makes this better is that the trucks are offered at a fraction of the cost as that of a new full-sized. When buying a used mini Japanese van or truck, even if you have to replace the engine, you can do so for cheap. But don’t worry, the engines of the Kei trucks last for a long time, about 150,000 miles or more.

Mini Truck Batteries – All you need to know

Where are Mini Truck Batteries? All vehicles rely upon some form of battery power. Kei trucks are no different. The batteries, however, do differ from the full-sized vehicles. If you have a Kei truck, then you will eventually have to replace or service it. If you have ever wondered about your battery for your Kei truck, here are a few things that you should know.

Mini Truck Batteries come in all shapes and forms. This is a battery showing the positive and negitives.

Where is the battery?

The first consideration when it comes to your battery is where it is located. First generation models tend to have the battery located under the driver’s side seat alongside the framework. Depending upon where the engine is located, the battery may change. Rear powered engines, such as those found on the Daihatsu Hijet may have the battery located in the rear of the vehicle. If the battery is at the rear of the bed, there will be a housing box for the battery. Modern vehicles use such boxes as Holt or metal encasements to secure the battery.

On Suzuki Carry models from 1999 and before, the battery will be in the middle of the cabin under the seat. This is standard for other brands as well. Newer models which have the engine housed in the front will have the battery located alongside the interior. This is much like a standard-sized vehicle.

What is the power of the battery?

If you are looking to replace your Mini Truck Batteries, then you need to know the voltage that is acceptable for the Kei truck or van. Most of the models on the market require a 12-volt battery. However, 8-volt batteries have been used successfully. Check the specifics of your battery prior to purchasing the domestic equivalent. Getting too much power from your battery may cause strain on the starter. Small car batteries are generally too powerful for a Kei truck and should be avoided unless specifically recommended by the Kei truck brand.

Battery power will vary dependent upon the model that you have. However, some of the popular batteries for mini trucks include the Durastart 8 volt, the Yuassa NP18-12B 12 volt, and the Earth ETX12A High performance battery.

While it has been suggested that an ATV or a lawn mower battery is sufficient power for a Kei truck, these should be avoided. The batteries for ATVs and Lawn Mowers are specifically designed for those vehicles and are not intended for Kei Trucks of vehicles which will be used continuously. Only use such batteries if they are approved by the Kei manufacturer.

A note about Mini Truck Batteries

 Japan and US vehicles and batteries differ. If you are purchasing a U.S. brand of the battery, you will need to change out the connectors to the positive and negative. Japanese battery connectors have the pencil holes which are not common on domestic batteries. Some newer models do adhere to the most batteries on the market. Check your Kei battery before performing any changes.

 If you are not familiar with how to change these, have a mechanic perform the work. As with any maintenance and alterations to your vehicle, ensure that you adhere to all of the safety protocols.